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Women's Wide Leg Pants

Women's Wide Leg Pants

For the women who are tough yet trendy, go hard in and out of the gym yet glamorous nonetheless – SQUATWOLF’s women’s wide leg pants are flexible, lightweight and pro-mobility. Whether you’re looking for an endurance-enhancing pair of pants to support you through your tough training sessions or comfy sweats to rest and recover in, there’s something for everybody.

Style it up for that gym-glam with our vast collection of women’s jogger pants.

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Why SQUATWOLF's Wide Leg Pants for Women are a Game-Changer?

Every type of wide leg gym pants is designed not only for you to make a statement as you walk into the gym but to empower every single one of your moves. These pants keep you active and agile, helping you achieve all your fitness goals.

Here’s why you need wide leg gym pants for women:

They Ensure Maximum Comfort & Stretchability

More than making you look cute, our oversized jogger pants offer comfort and flexibility, helping you stay focused as you nail your workouts. Designed with blended fabrics such as polyester, spandex, elastance and more, these pants keep you naturally mobile. This ease of movement ensures you get a full range of motion, so you stretch out your limbs all the way to lengthen out your muscles, improving your contraction.

This keeps your muscles engaged and on-the-way to getting toned. In addition, our fabrics have a soft hand feel, which is gentle on the skin, keeping you irritation-free during your workouts. The best part is – the elasticated waistband feature gives you a snug fit, helping you brace your core effectively so you’re actively hitting all reps.

They’re Designed for Practicality & Utility

What makes our women’s wide leg pants perfect for in and out of the gym is that they’re engineered with your convenience in mind. Whether you’re a Pilates princess who keeps losing her membership card and needs in-pants storage or just going for a casual day out with your gal-pals, these pants have the features to facilitate you.

They’re built with zipped side pockets to offer secure storage, preventing your keys, wallets or headphone cases from falling out. They also come with a tie waistband feature, giving you customized fit.

They Sculpt You for a Flattering Fit

Whether you’re going for wide leg or slim leg joggers, our women’s workout pants feature knee-high splits and pintuck features to give you a flattering silhouette. This is also size-inclusive, meaning it’ll look perfect on every body type.

What’s more is that our pants feature tricot fabric and a subtle sheen, keeping you glowy and glamorous. Whether you’re a weightlifting girlie or want that sporty-casual outfit to chill with your friends, these pants will take you anywhere and everywhere.

Embrace the fusion of comfort and style with SQUATWOLF's Women's Wide Leg Pants, designed to elevate your workout wardrobe. These pants are not just a trend; they're a statement of empowerment and freedom, tailored for the modern, active woman.

How to Style Your Wide Leg Gym Pants for Women?

  • For Yoga and Pilates: Wear these pants with a cute tank top on top of a supportive sports bra to stay comfy and covered.
  • For Walks and Jogs: If you’re hitting the tracks, pair these joggers with a cute workout tee and layer up with a cozy hoodie.
  • For Brunches and Errands: Slay all day in these pants and crop tops when you’re heading for a day out with your friends.

Choosing the Right Wide Leg Pants for Your Needs:

Whether you’re into trends or timelessness, it can be a tough choice to decide which wide leg pants to go for. Here’s a foolproof guide to help you choose the right one:

Compressive Wide Leg Pants

Perfect for women who are serious about all things fitness, our compressive Hybrid Wide Leg Pants give you mobility, stretchability and comfort so you’re deep divining into your leg routine.

Flowy Wide Leg Pants

Whether you’re doing low impact workouts, heading out for a leisure walk or doing some light stretching, our flowy Women’s Fitness Wide Leg Pants are the perfect combo of ease and elegance for you. The best part is, you’ll stay ventilated throughout your workouts thanks to the flowy and loose fit construct.

Comfy Wide Leg Pants

Rest, relax and recover in our super comfy Luxe Wide Leg Pants that are made for your comfort, making them perfect as lounge wear as well.

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