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Oversized Joggers Women

Oversized Joggers for Women

Glide into your workout routine with our oversize joggers for women. Add a touch of glam to your gym fits to not only look cute and cozy, but to power through every lunge, leap and lift. What’s more is, if you’re ever in the mood for a post-workout coffee with your gal-pal, these joggers are the perfect transition from training to tête-à-tête.

Experience a combination of comfort and functionality in our women’s jogger pants.

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Why Choose SQUATWOLF’s Oversized Joggers for Women?

Crafted for your comfort, SQUATWOLF’s oversize pants are perfect for your upper body days at the gym or your post-workout recovery days. From giving you a flattering fit to keeping you at-ease during physical activities, these jogger pants keep you looking chic and classy all day long.

Here’s why you should go for these pants:

They Keep You Comfy

Thanks to the loose fit of our oversized wide leg pants, you get optimal comfort when you walk, stretch or do any kinds of yoga poses. This fit also guarantees anti-chafing and anti-pilling, keeping you irritation-free during your workouts.

In addition, the lightweight fabric allows ease of movement, especially when you’re running, jumping or doing any kind of high impact cardio. What’s more is that the soft hand feel fabric of our joggers is gentle on your skin, giving you not just agility but also freedom of movement.

They Promote Breathability

For those demanding workouts, our oversized joggers are ideal as they’re constructed with ventilation panels that promote proper airflow and breathability. This minimizes sweating during your intense sessions such as when you’re hitting the treadmill or track. In addition, our joggers also feature T-Dry technology, especially in our Lab360 collection, which wicks away moisture to keep you sweat-free during sprints and jumps.

They Feature a Practical Design

A mix of functionality with style, our oversize joggers are perfect for active as well as casual wear. They feature adjustable drawcords to give you customized fitting. On the other hand, our Cargo Pants feature elasticated waistbands that give you a snug fit to keep you at-ease during your rigorous routines. In addition, these joggers also come with zipped or open side pockets, keeping your essentials safe. And the sheen detailing adds a spark to your active wear, keeping you trendy and stylish beyond the gym.

How To Style Your Women's Oversized Joggers

  • For a Chill Day: Get comfortable at home with our oversized jogger pants and our loose fit t-shirts.
  • For Sporty Look: Heading out for brunch with your girls? Pair these jogger pants with tank tops and a zip-up hoodie for layering!
  • For Training: Pair our joggers with a supportive sports bra to boost your performance.

Why Are Oversize Joggers Essential for Your Wardrobe?

Oversized joggers are a staple in your workout wardrobe because they offer style, functionality and comfort. Whether you’re hitting upper body days at the gym, need layering for to and from the gym, are heading for outdoor workouts, or just want to rock a casual-active look, these joggers are perfect for all occasions.

Thanks to their loose and relaxed fit, you’ll be able to truly unwind and chill on your post-training recovery days in these joggers. The best part is – if you want to head out for groceries or meet up with friends, just pair these pants with a chic crop top or a cozy sweatshirt and you’re good to go!

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