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2-In-1 Gym Shorts for Men

2-in-1 Shorts for Men

High-performance, compressive and modern, SQUATWOLF’s 2 in 1 shorts for men are your gear for those intense leg days at the gym. Whether you’re the type of guy who lifts heavy and requires muscle compression or the type who needs coverage during mobility training, these shorts are well-suited for every type of workout.

Offering versatility and practicality, these shorts are the key to pushing you through the toughest of your workouts.

Stay agile through every squat and sprint in SQUATWOLF’s gym shorts for men.

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Why opt for SQUATWOLF's 2-in-1 Men's Shorts?

SQUATWOLF takes pride in designing gym gear that offers comfort, security and above all, performance-boosting features.

Here’s why you need our 2-in-1 shorts in your collection:

They’re Multi-Purpose Wear

Our 2-in-1 performance shorts are your way of unlocking your athletic abilities. From giving you compression for those heavy lifts inside the gym to feeling comfortable and relaxed on the outside for those running sessions, these shorts keep you at-ease and well-covered through and through. If you especially struggle with muscle fatigue and soreness, the inner compressive layer will ensure your post-workout recovery is smooth.

On the other hand, if you’re training for agility, the relaxed external construction of the shorts gives you ease of movement, keeping you active and adept. The best part is these shorts facilitate you for sports training as well as the compression from the inner layer prevents impact on your joints while the outer shorts keep you quick on your feet.

They Give You a Quick Dry Effect

When training for aesthetics or functionality, one thing fitness enthusiasts suffer from is excessive sweating. When you sweat too much, you’re constantly distracted and uncomfortable, which impacts your training experience.

To elevate your experience of working out, go for our 2-in-1 running shorts that are made with a blend of performance fabrics that offer enhanced moisture-wicking abilities. This gives you a quick dry effect, keeping you dry and focused during your workout. In addition, this enables you to maintain a mind-muscle connection because you’re laser-focused, helping you activate and engage the right muscles.

They’re Built for Practicality & Performance

What makes our 2-in-1 shorts every gym buff’s top choice is the fact that they’re designed with features that aren’t just performance-boosting, but also practical. They offer elasticated waistbands for a custom and snug fit, side vents at hem for a full range of motion, side seam panels for enhanced flexibility, and ventilation panels for breathability.

In addition, these shorts are constructed with inner side pockets to provide you with storage. These features ensure not just an elevated workout experience, but superior wearing experience. If you prefer comfort though, you can always train in basketball shorts instead.

How To Style Your 2-In-1 Shorts?

  • For Intense Training: If you’re focused on high intensity training and have a rigorous gym routine, then make sure you’re wearing a comfortable gym t-shirt to support your gains.
  • For High-Impact Training: Pair these shorts with gym stringers and tanks to ensure you’re at-ease and mobile during your high impact workouts – especially cardio.
  • For Outdoor Training: Wear these shorts with a gym hoodie to layer up for those early morning runs or winter hikes.

Choose The Right 2-In-1 Shorts to Train In

Our vast array of 2-in-1 shorts ensure your workouts are effortless and efficient, helping you hit every rep, every set the right way.

Here’s how you can choose the right one for yourself

Knee Length

For those looking for more coverage as they train or need protection while they’re outdoors, go for our knee length 2-in-1 shorts.

Athletic Shorts

Whether you’re training for functionality, agility or mobility, our athletic shorts will keep you on-the-move thanks to the flexible and adaptive construction of our 2-in-1 athletic shorts.

T-Dry Shorts

Need ultra-superior moisture-wicking in your workout gear? Go for the LAB360° TDry™ Tech 2-In-1 Shorts. Our exclusive T-Dry technology combines quick dry and moisture-wicking properties to keep you comfy during your workouts.

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