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Women's Performance Shorts

Women’s Performance Shorts

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, SQUATWOLF’s performance shorts for women are multi-functional, refined and purposeful. Apart from serving functionality, these shorts also enhance your physique, contouring and sculpting your body to give you that ‘lifted’ look.

Power into your fitness goals with our vast range of performance shorts, designed for both elegance and endurance.

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Why Choose SQUATWOLF’s Performance Shorts for Women? 

SQUATWOLF’s performance shorts aren’t just for today – they’re built with durability to support you for years to come. For every rep, every set, and any other kind of sports activity, these performance shorts will be there for you!

Here are a few reasons why you should choose performance shorts:

They’re Meant for Performance

As the name suggests, our women’s performance shorts cater to your kind of workout. From high-intensity workouts such as CrossFit to heart rate ramping HIIT or running sessions, there’s a type of athletic short meant for you. What makes them standout is that each is developed with a unique blend of fabrics such as nylon, spandex, elastane, polyester and cotton to make sure you’re always ready to be on the move!

They Offer Functionality & Comfort

Our seamless shorts are crafted for the athlete, the everyday-gym-goer and the causal walker. These shorts give you the best of both worlds – functionality and comfort. While the 4-way stretch properties enhance mobility and moisture-wicking properties keep you dry during your intense sessions, the soft hand feel fabric makes you feel at-ease. The seamless paneling also minimizes any chafing or friction, keeping you comfortable while you break a sweat.

They’re Supportive

Our high-waisted shorts come with a fold-over elasticated waistband feature that stabilizes your core during your workouts. This enables you to keep your core braced throughout the workouts, helping you maintain the proper form during your lifts or sports activities. This feature also enables you to keep your posture upright and maintain your overall coordination, stability and balance, boosting your athletic prowess.

They Give You a ‘Lifted’ Effect

Whether you’re hitting the gym or heading into a Pilates session, your workout session isn’t just about having absolute mobility – it’s also about looking and feeling great. Athleisure like our cycling shorts feature the compressive waistband. This waistband lifts any ‘saggy’ parts, giving you that lifted and sculpted effect to look and feel great.

They Offer Convenience

For those who carry a lot of personal items such as keys, phones, headphones, etc. our women’s running shorts with pockets are perfect. Not only do these shorts keep your things safe, they’re also convenient to wear during your outdoor activities such as hikes, runs, jogs, walks, cycling or any other kind of sports activity.

Our women’s workout shorts are lightweight, breathable and sweat-wicking – and this is where SQUATWOLF covers your back! 

Which Type of Women’s Performance Shorts Are Best for You? 

To get the right kind of performance shorts, you need to know all the different types there are out there. These include:

Booty Shorts

Whether you’re weightlifting or CrossFit training, our booty shorts will push you through every set and rep!

Biker Shorts

Designed with A.C.T (Anti Camel Toe) technology, these biker shorts are your best friends during your rides outdoors and indoors.

Cycling Shorts

Featuring a contoured design and a compressive fit, cycling shorts are great for indoor cycling sessions or your Yoga classes, giving you that ‘snatched’ look.

Seamless Shorts

For unrestricted mobility, seamless shorts are the perfect choice. From your Pilates to your stretching, these shorts will give you a full range of motion so you’re moving without any fears.

2-in-1 Shorts

With a compression layer on the inside and a lightweight performance fabric layer on the outside, our 2-in-1 shorts are perfect for the toughest of your workout sessions.

Running Shorts

Have you felt like you’re being pulled down because of the weight of your active wear? These running shorts ensure you’re light and breezy on your toes, pushing you that extra mile on your run.

Cozy Shorts

SQUATWOLF’s cozy shorts are the perfect gear to head out for your grocery errands, pet walks or rest day wind down.

SQUATWOLF’s workout clothes for women are designed for those who want to feel empowered while they push beyond all limitations. Challenge yourself into becoming the best version of you with SQUATWOLF.

How To Style Your Performance Shorts?

Designed to optimize your athletic abilities, our performance shorts don’t just help you turbo through your workouts, but they also make you look good. Here’s a style guide for your performance shorts:


Whether you’re doing a HIIT session at home or have joined a boot camp, make sure you’re wearing your performance shorts with a high impact sports bra.

Gym Workouts

Hitting the gym for your strength training or kickboxing session? Make sure you’ve paired your shorts with a sleek and easy-to-move-in workout tank top.

Outdoor Fitness

From power walking to rock climbing, trail running, outdoor sports and outdoor group fitness, you can combine your shorts with workout jackets & hoodies to stay warm and comfy.

Which Performance Shorts Are Good for Workouts?

There are various types of performance shorts such as cycling, biker, 2-in-1, cozy, running and more. When it comes to choosing one for yourself, make sure you identify your workout needs and then make your pick. For instance, if you’re into lifting weights, then you should go for booty shorts or cycling shorts. On the other hand, if you’re more of a run-the-track type, then go for running shorts.

Always look for shorts that feature 4-way stretch properties as this boosts your mobility and gives you a full range of motion. In addition, your shorts should have moisture-wicking properties, compression and anti-piling and anti-chafing features to keep you distraction-free during your workouts.

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