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Gym Shorts For Men

Gym Shorts for Men

Gym Shorts are essential for every gym buff. To ensure you have an elevated workout experience, get comfortable in SQUATWOLF’s breathable gym shorts, engineered with insight, innovation, and purpose.

Discover our wide range of men’s gym shorts that help you push your limits.

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Revolutionizing Gym Shorts: SQUATWOLF's Innovation Journey

A tale of commitment, dedication, and devotion – to design the best men’s gym shorts.

Each series is one of a kind – blending breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking fabric with heat dispersion technology and chafe-free construction. From ventilation to snug fit, these shorts aren’t just designed for style – they’re designed for your lifestyle.

With SQUATWOLF, you’re not just wearing gym shorts. You’re wearing technology designed to optimize performance, support muscle movement, and reduce fatigue.

Why Should you Wear SQUATWOLF's Workout Shorts?

SQUATWOLF’s gym shorts aren’t just meant for performance – they’re gear built for your kind of workout. With a blend of premium nylon/spandex and cotton/nylon fabric, these men’s gym shorts:

  • Are ideal for outdoor training
  • Support intense workout sessions
  • Feature soft hand feel so they’re gentle on the skin
  • Provide airflow because of in-gear ventilation for breathability
  • Keep you dry with our exceptional moisture-wicking properties
  • Are slim fit and stretchable for an all-around better experience for an athlete
  • Come with secure zipped pockets to safeguard your valuables during workouts

These are gym shorts men can rely on. Because you deserve the best.

Optimizing Gym Shorts: SQUATWOLF's Performance Advancements

What Is T-Dry Technology?

SQUATWOLF's 2-in-1 Dry Tech Gym Shorts implement the T-Dry Technology, which is an inner dry tech layer. This layer absorbs moisture during your sweatiest gym sessions so you’re comfortable through and through.

What Are 2-in-1 Shorts?

Our 2-in-1 gym shorts are designed to offer you the ultimate support during your workout. These shorts are constructed with an inner compression layer to give you coverage as well as support during your leg workout.

How Are 2-in-1 Shorts Different?

Since these shorts come with an inner compression layer made with 4-way stretch fabric, they give you flexibility during your workout. This means you can be carefree during your deep squats and other leg movements.

What Are the Benefits Of 2-in-1 Shorts?

Some of the benefits of our 2-in-1 shorts include:

  • Dual layer design which prevents chafing and givers coverage
  • Inner compression layer reduces post-workout soreness
  • Moisture-wicking fabric for sweat-free gym sessions
  • Soft hand feel fabric that glides against your skin
  • Zipped pockets for safe storage
  • Overall performance fabric perfect for hardcore gym workout

What Is Side Mesh Paneling?

Our  warrior collection is a collection of gym shorts designed with side mesh paneling to provide ventilation during your workouts. They are made of polyester which slides on the skin, making them perfect for squats.  

Complete The Look With Men’s Gym Shorts

Everyday Look: Style your gym shorts with comfortable gym t-shirts for that cool and casual vibe.

Gym Core: To support your intense workouts, pair your gym shorts with gym stringers and tanks.

Rest Day Look: To feel comfortable, pair your shorts and gym hoodies.

What type of shorts are best for the gym?

Shorts made with 4-way stretch performance fabric are the best for the gym. This is because your gym shorts need to be stretchable to improve your mobility and flexibility during different kinds of movement.

In addition, shorts with moisture-wicking properties are also perfect for the gym as they keep you dry during intense, sweaty cardio or lifting sessions.

  • For intense weightlifting, go for 2-in-1 shorts.
  • For intense to mid-impact cardio sessions, go for 5-inch shorts.
  • For upper body or rest days, go for 7-inch shorts.

How big should gym shorts be?

The size of your gym shorts depends on your personal preference as well as what type of exercises you’re doing at the gym. If you’re comfortable with shorter shorts, then you can go for 5-inch shorts that are ideal for cardio.

If you like more coverage, then go for 2-in-1 shorts that ensure you’re well-covered while boosting your performance. If you prefer right above the knee-length, then go for 7-inch shorts. It really is a personal choice!

How tight should gym shorts be?

Your gym shorts’ fit depends on your activity for the day. If you’re going to the gym for an intense leg day, then your gym shorts should be fitted for a comfortable workout experience.

If you’re going for a jog or run, you can opt for a more relaxed pair of men’s gym shorts. And if you’re wearing gym shorts on a casual, rest day, then you can wear a loose fit too. So, wear your shorts according to what you’ve planned for the day!

Should I wear 2-in-1 gym shorts while working out?

Yes. Our 2-in-1 shorts are specifically designed for training. They’re shorts engineered with an inner layer of compression shorts to provide you support during your workout.

Since these shorts are stretchy with strong seams, they’re perfect for squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg presses, and all other exercises that require lower body work. You can wear them on upper body days as well.

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