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Womens Sports Bras

Sports Bras are the key components of any activewear for women. We understand your confidence level rises when you have the right gear. SQUATWOLF Women’s Sports Bras do a great job at improving your performance at the gym.

Read MoreFrom design to fit, our sports bras are meticulously worked at to boost confidence and focus for women. We take the manufacturing through several steps to make sure our athletes get the best fit.

We work with the local and international athletes and understand the needs of an athlete. To manufacture the best sports bras, we focus on the athlete's needs and try to better what other brands are missing.

Most of the time the fabric and fit are not what is suitable to bring the best out of you. Ill-fitting or poor fabric composition may lead to self-consciousness and distracted workouts.

Our fabric is durable and sweat-wicking, and the straps are comfortable and designed in different styles.

SQUATWOLF padded sports bras come with removable and washable bra pads. We try to keep our gear functional and practical for women. Even the most intense workouts can be performed with any of our padded sports bras.

There are a number of sports bras that SQUATWOLF has introduced, from our high-impact Hera Sports Bra that provide added support while working out, to our more stylish Athena collection that was built off the concept of the rising Athleisure trend.

From criss-cross to crop-tops, SQUATWOLF manufactures high-impact sports bras the ones best suited for high-impact workouts. They will put you in control, give you confidence, and let you focus on your fitness goals.

We are working on some great workout sports bras which are innovative and multipurpose which will perfectly cater to all your workout needs.