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Women's High Waisted Shorts

High Waisted Shorts Women Collection

Innovative, compressive and multi-purpose, SQUATWOLF’s women’s high waisted shorts give you the support you need for all kinds of activities. Engineered to fit your active lifestyle, these shorts keep you driven to smash your toughest workouts. Whether you’re looking for women’s cycling shorts or running shorts, the high waistband will support you beyond your limitations. 

Soar to new peaks in a blend of style and comfort with our high-waisted women’s shorts. 

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Why Choose SQUATWOLF’s High-Waisted Workout Shorts?

SQUATWOLF champions the game of high waisted workout women’s shorts. Crafted for performance, our vast variety of high waisted athletic shorts keep you comfortable whether you’re hitting leg days or just going for a casual run. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose high-waisted shorts: 

They’re Versatile

With a vast array of options in our high waisted shorts such as 2-in-1 shorts, biker shorts, running shorts, basketball shorts and even our skorts, there’s always an option to choose from. Since there are so many options, these high waisted shorts are great for your flexibility training, meditative Yoga classes and even the most challenging strength training routines.

They Offer Support 

Thanks to the fold-over waistband, these high waisted performance shorts deliver the ultimate support, which stabilizes your core as hit your sessions. Not only does this lead to better core engagement during compound movements, but it also helps boost your performance during cardio and isolated motions. In addition, the support from the high waistband aligns your posture, gives your structural stability and improves your balance. 

They Give You Contour & Sculpting

Workouts aren’t just to keep you fit – they’re meant to build your confidence and to make you fall in love with yourself. Our high-waisted seamless shorts not only boost your productivity in the gym but also makes you feel good about yourself. They give you a snug fit, sculpting and lifting your body to prevent any bulging or sagging. Apart from highlighting your curves, this fit also helps you dive into all your fitness activities with confidence. 

They Guarantee Coverage & Security

One of the biggest concerns with women’s workout shorts is the shorts either never staying in place or getting all scrunched up in your crotch area. The high-waisted shorts at SQUATWOLF guarantee not only absolute coverage, but also that your shorts stay in place. Whether you’re stretching for a deep squat or need freedom of movement for an intense running session, these shorts will neither scrunch up nor tear apart. In these shorts, you’re safe to perform all kinds of physical activities! 

When it comes to women’s workout shorts, it's important to choose something that ensures performance, comfort and agility – and this is where SQUATWOLF covers your back!

Which Type of Women’s High-Waisted Shorts Are Best for You?

With so many different types of high waisted workout shorts available, choosing the right one for you can be daunting. It’s important to understand all the types of high waisted shorts so you can make the right choice:

Biker Shorts

Engineered with A.C.T properties and an elasticated waistband, biker shorts are great for outdoor activities such as cycling, biking and even running.

Cycling Shorts

Featuring a side seam pocket and contoured side seam panels, cycling shorts are perfect for indoor spinning or cycling sessions, giving you a sculpted look. 

Seamless Shorts

Giving you a full range of motion, the seamless shorts keep you flexible, mobile and agile during your Yoga and Pilates sessions. 

Running Shorts

Whether you prefer cardio on the treadmill or on the track, our running shorts are perfect as they’ll keep you light on your feet. 

Booty Shorts

Perfect for your high intensity training sessions such as weightlifting or power lifting, booty shorts focus on boosting your performance, optimizing your functionality. 

Cozy Shorts

Whether you’re going for a light jog, taking your pet out for a walk or just relaxing, the cozy shorts are the perfect choice for you – especially when the temperatures drop.

With SQUATWOLF’s vast collection of workout clothes for women, you’ll always have an active wear wardrobe that gets heads turning in and out of the gym!

How To Style Your High-Waisted Shorts for Women?

Yoga & Pilates

Training for flexibility? Then pair your high-waisted shorts with workout tank tops to get the best out of your Yoga and Pilates session.

Gym Training

For those intense strength or cardio sessions at the gym, make sure you’re wearing a highly compressive sports bra to give your body the support it needs for a killer session. 

Outdoor Adventures

Whether you’re hitting the hiking trail or going for a run to the park early morning, make sure you’re staying warm in your workout hoodie along with your high waisted shorts.

Rest Days

Kick it back and ease into comfort with your high waisted shorts and a cozy oversized workout t shirts to relax on your rest days.

Which High Waisted Shorts Are Good for Workouts?

There are several different kinds of high-waisted workout shorts for women. You’ll find basketball shorts, running shorts, 2-in-1 shorts, cycling, biker and more. Each of these shorts cater to a different kind of workout so you should go for high-waisted workout shorts that serve your fitness routine.

If you’re going for a run or cardio, then go for running shorts that promote mobility and freedom of movement. And if you’re hitting intense leg days that require a full range of motion, then go for cycling or 2-in-1 shorts. 

You should always look for features such as 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking properties, and lightweight, performance fabric. 

In addition to this, shorts that offer compression and contouring, especially for Yoga or Pilates type of workouts, will really help you become more agile. You should also look for high waisted shorts that have A.C.T (Anti Camel Toe) features so you feel comfortable and distraction-free during your training sessions.

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