Workout Tops For Women

Most brands don’t design workout tops for women with a purpose – be it fashion, or fitness. Women are more inclined towards fashion and trends. Therefore, SQUATWOLF has designed one of the most functional workout tops for women to help them swiftly go through intense workout sessions with ease.


We have a defining purpose to make you look good and help you perform better in the gym. If you want a women’s workout tank, we make sure you also get the matching sports bra and leggings.

Our Workout tops for women can be paired with workout leggings and sports bras to make you look purposeful and determined for the task at hand. Gym tops for women are styled to complement the other workout pieces.

Gym Tops for Women 

Most of our gym tops for women are relaxed fit which allows better airflow. Our custom SQUATWOLF fabric comes with sweat-wicking properties and aims to keep you cool and dry for hours. You can work out in them, wear them while lounging in your living room, or go out with your girlies, either way, you will still shine at the end of the day.

Our workout tops for women are great for high-intensity workouts. Whether you are running, weight lifting, or doing yoga, they provide you with the ultimate mobility and freedom. Our designs and cuts are focused on athletes’ agility and performance.

Most gym tops for women require a sports bra but if you want to go for something that doesn’t require one, opt for our Infinity Brami, which comes attached with the bra cups.


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We offer gym tops for women in different styles, cuts and colours. They are designed keeping in mind the other products that you might want to pair them with. We don’t design tanks standalone, but with a statement you can make.

Our workout tops for women are made with a performance polyester which is best suited for the sweatiest of workouts. You can focus on your exercise routine without a care in the world. The performance fabric is fit for the toughest of workouts.

Here are three main features of our workout tops for women



All our workout tops for women are engineered with moisture-wicking performance fabric, which ensures you are comfortable and dry throughout your workout sessions. The fabric doesn’t cling onto your skin and doesn’t leave any sweat patches. You can move around without worrying about getting embarrassed in the gym.

Performance Fabric

Our gym tops for women are designed with a performance fabric. The performance fabric provides utmost breathability so that you can work out without any hindrance. Choosing SQUATWOLF when it comes to gym tops for women is an excellent choice because the material is light and airy but functional. You don’t have to worry about not being able to do your best in the gym. There will be no digging or chaffing on your skin.


At SQUATWOLF we understand that in order to perform your best in the gym you must have freedom of mobility. Restrictive design and garments are a recipe for disaster, especially for those who want to beat their personal best. This is where our workout tops for women come into play. They are comfortable, and functional and are engineered with performance fabric to ensure you get the maximum out of your workout experience in the gym.

SQUATWOLF gym tops for women can be paired with joggers, leggings, and shorts. For a complete look, you can pair it up with our stylish gym hoodies.

Our workout tops for women are so comfortable they can be worn while you are out and about with your friends, lounging in your living room, going running, or working out at the gym.