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Women's Long Sleeves T-shirts

Long Sleeves Workout Shirts

Turn up to the gym in the cutest fits ever, dressed in SQUATWOLF’s exclusive long sleeve workout shirts for women. Every stitch, every seam is an ode to the woman who enjoys an active lifestyle with a spark of snazziness.

Our long sleeve tops are a combination of fashion and function – keeping you as light and agile as they keep you looking classy.

Slay your workouts our long sleeve women’s workout shirts to look and feel extra!

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Why Choose SQUATWOLF’s Long Sleeve Workout Tops?

Our long sleeve workout tops aren’t just athleisure – they’re your blueprint to power through the most demanding of your workouts. Whether it’s deep stretching or going on trail runs, these workout shirts will push you towards your goals.

Add these to your gym-drobe because:

They’re Perfect For Every Kind of Workout

Whether it’s high intensity weightlifting sessions with your trainer or a Pilates princess moment for you, our long sleeves workout tops are perfect for you. They give you coverage, UV protection during outdoor activities and keep you warm when the temperature drops.

They’re also great for warmups as you need to regulate your body temperatures and retain your heat. If it’s summertime, you can always switch to our workout vests or tank tops.

They Offer Mobility With Fabric That Moves with You

Integrating 4-way stretch abilities our long as well as short sleeve workout shirts offer extreme flexibility. Moving as you do, they keep your movements light, easy and fluid, helping you hit the most demanding of Yoga chakras effortlessly.

In addition, since they’re super stretchable, they give you a full range of motion, keeping your muscles well-engaged and active throughout the workout.

They Keep Your Gym-Style Game On-Point

What makes our long sleeves workout tops as well as crop tops is that they’re designed for the contemporary woman who wants to look and feel confident in her active wear. Thanks to the contour side panels, low scoop back, crew necklines, contrasting reflection pattern in sleeves, unique prints, and draped body style elements in a number of our products, there’s always a chic style for you to choose.

They Provide Superior Comfort

From our long sleeve workout shirts to our loose fit t-shirts, each and every piece is designed to keep you at-ease. Our fabrics are a blend of polyester, nylon, spandex, elastane, viscose and cotton, giving you not only flexibility, but also keeping you free of abrasion and chafing.

This minimizes irritation during your workouts, keeping you comfy. In addition, our workout tops also boast unparalleled moisture-wicking properties, keeping you dry and sweat-free even during the most demanding moves. This automatically improves the quality of your workouts as you’re undistracted and laser focused.

How To Style Your Long Sleeve Workout Shirts for Women?

Choosing the Right Long Sleeve Workout Shirt for You

Find the long sleeve workout shirt that’s perfect for you:

Performance Long Sleeve Tops

Crafted with lightweight and high-stretch fabrics, our performance long sleeve tops such as the Impact Top keep you sweat-free during the toughest of your sessions.

Crop Top Long Sleeves

Slay your gym fits with body-fitted crop tops such as Infinity Seamless Crop Top that are designed with performance features and a touch of trendiness.

Long Sleeve Sweatshirts

Warmup right before hitting any kind of workout session in our long sleeve workout sweatshirts such as the Code Ribbed Sweatshirt.

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