Gym Pants

Our Gym Pants are made from performance grade, synthetic fabric for ultimate stretch and comfort. These workout pants are athlete-tested to deliver during gruelling workouts. A comfort-fit that provides mobility during workouts and moisture-wicking properties to keep you moving longer. Our Gym Pants are perfect for an active workout session or a rest day at home.


All-round Workout pants

Gym Pants are the primal gear of SQUATWOLF Premium merchandise. The success is due to the fabric, stretchability, fit, and durability. We strive to produce activewear popular for its functionality and support. With the latest designs, our gym pants set the trends in the world of fitness fashion.

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Premium Workout Pants That Go The Extra Mile

Most research in the Men's collection is done on the Jogger Pants and Gym Pants. It requires time to focus on the right fit coupled with contemporary looks that slay in the style department. The premium synthetic fabric requires several trials and errors for us to get the optimal blend. Incorporating this with sweat and moisture-wicking capabilities along with four-way stretch allows us to make an exceptional piece of high-tech activewear.

SQUATWOLF workout pants are known for their durability. We like our athletes to use and push them to their limits as they work out. It excites us to see the capabilities of our products meeting the standards of rigorous workouts. The durability factor allows the athletes to not just wear them to workouts but spend the whole day in them, what better way to cool down after an exhaustive workout than in a pair of comfortable gym pants. SQUATWOLF gear leans towards athleisure which lets them stay upbeat the whole day in active wear.

Our Knack Of Launching The Best Gym Pants

Since 2016, we have launched several workout pants in various styles, fits, and colors. We strive to keep improving them through innovation and the latest trends. From zippered pockets to tapered bottom fits, our athletes keep providing feedback from an athlete’s point of view.

We use this constructive feedback to keep on improving our designs and our fabric technology. We have a knack for trying to outclass ourselves with each series. We like to deliver the right functionality, comfort, and durability so that our athletes can continue to dominate their personal fitness goals. In 2019, we introduced ribbed gym pants for men. The ribbed joggers were a step towards streetwear, adding flair to the design and embracing the athleisure trend. Along with the functionality that all SQUATWOLF joggers offer, it can serve as a great addition to your wardrobe both for the gym and the streets.

After all, these workout pants are not just about performance, they are equally dominant in the fitness fashion area. We then introduced the classic joggers, bringing back the true essence of jogger pants. Whether working out in the gym or hanging out with the lads, these gym pants are the perfect example of style meeting functionality. Available in four exciting colours, you never have to worry about what to wear when going to the gym or planning a casual day out. This is what SQUATWOLF is about, bringing your passion for fitness in all walks of your life.

Complete The Look With Other SQUATWOLF Gear

Gym Pants are a great companion for a gym enthusiast, athlete or someone who loves to wear activewear. We encourage our customers to wear them all day and see how they let you perform.

Our Gym pants are for all-purpose. You can find your strength, confidence, comfort, and even passion towards living a better life. We believe you can do it all with our gym pants. We love creating activewear that lives up to its claims. The claims are quite straightforward, our clothing has to dominate in both style and functionality. We constantly unveil new series that incorporate exciting fabric technology to help accentuate your performance while it excels in the style department.

These Gym Pants, when combined with our wide array of simple yet aesthetic t-shirts, give a complete activewear look. You can also combine it with our sleek and bold line of stringers and tanks that help you flaunt your hard-earned gains or pair it with our comfortable yet stylish hoodies and jackets for a more relaxed and chill look.