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Men's Track Pants

Men's Track Pants

Activate the beast in you with SQUATWOLF’s streamlined, athletic and agile track pants that match your resilience and relentlessness. Our track pants are designed for the highly functional active man who demands not just a boost in his performance but also added comfort from his gear.  

Fuel up for exceptional performance in the gym or out on the track with SQUATWOLF’s gym joggers for men.

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Why Go for SQUATWOLF’s Track Pants? 

From keeping you mobile during sports training to keeping you flexible during CrossFit training, our track pants support all kinds of high intensity, high impact and high-stretchability movements. We understand that every fitness enthusiast might have a different training routine – and this is why our gear is multi-purpose to push you through all kinds of rows and runs.

Here’s why you need gym track pants for men in your collection:

They Are Built for Performance

Featuring 4-way stretch properties along with a blend of performance fabrics such as polyester, nylon, spandex and more, our track pants for men support every stretch and squat. Whether you’re engaging in plyometric workouts or hitting the outdoors for a hike or sprint, these tapered joggers push you from mile to mile. Since they’re made with high-stretch fabrics, they enable you to take that extra leap or go deeper into a lunge, activating all the right muscles.

This gives you a complete range of motion, engaging your muscles fully during eccentrics as well as contractions, enabling you to gain those gains. In addition, the ergonomically design of these joggers enhances your endurance so you’re doing your jogs, cycling sessions or HIIT effortlessly. For those hotter days, you can also switch to performance shorts.

They Are Made with Quick-Drying Properties

Whether you’re training for Mix Martial Arts or trail running, our track pants are made with highly breathable design patterns and moisture-wicking fabrics. This keeps you dry and sweat-free as it manages mid-training sweating, keeping you focused and at-ease.

This is especially necessary when you’re engaging in high impact exercises that get you sweaty. Moreover, our track pants also come with ventilation panels in side seams, improving airflow so you’re comfortable no matter the moves you hit. If you prefer a slimmer fit, you can also go for our ribbed joggers.

They Are Your Gear for the Long Run

SQUATWOLF understands that you need durable and long-lasting active wear to support you through your fitness journey. For this, you need gear that’s designed for the long-run. Our track pants as well as our cuffed joggers are engineered to support you throughout your fitness journey.

Not only do these track pants have weather-resistant properties to withstand the outdoor wear and tear, they also resist abrasion against gym equipment. In these joggers, you’ll be training without worrying about stitches or fabric ripping apart.

How to Style Your Men's Track Pants

  • High-Intensity Training: Match your track pants with a highly breathable gym stringer to stay stress-free during your HIIT or circuit training.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Pair these joggers with a gym t-shirt to stay light on your feet and mobile during your sports training or runs.
  • Gym Sessions: For those heavy lifts, pair these joggers with bodybuilding t-shirts.
  • Recovery: Unwind and kick it back in a combo of our joggers and hoodies.

Why Track Pants are Essential for Your Fitness Journey

Men’s track pants are super versatile so they’re not just great for the gym, you can also look and feel great in them for casual days out. These track pants come with high-mobility features, which is important to stay flexible while you lift weights, run miles or stretch out your limbs in a relaxing Yoga session.

These pants are tough and resilient, meaning they can withstand gym or outdoor wear and tear. They’re also the perfect gear for those who like cool gym wear for a casual and sporty look. This makes track pants an absolute must-have for your fitness journey!

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