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Men's Tapered Joggers

Men's Tapered Joggers 

Designed for the active man who needs functionality and fashion in his gym gear, SQUATWOLF’s vast range of men’s tapered joggers are perfect for an array of activities. Whether you’re CrossFit training or hitting the treadmill for an intense session, these joggers will move with you – keeping your agile and on-your-toes through and through! 

Level up your training sessions with the confidence and precision of SQUATWOLF's gym joggers for men.

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Why SQUATWOLF’s Tapered Joggers Are a Must for Every Gym Guy?

Beyond the regular gym gear, our tapered jogger pants are created with the gym buff in mind. Mixing style with seamlessness, fashion with functionality, our gear helps you peak your performance. 

Here’s why you should go for our tapered jogger pants:

They Give You Comfort and Flexibility 

A blend of premium fabrics such as polyester, elastane, polyamide, spandex and cotton, our cuffed joggers make a promise of comfort during the most intense gym sessions or when you're unwinding post-workout. 

While the soft hand feel fabric feels gentle on your skin, the 4-way stretch gives you superior flexibility. Each and every lift is supported – keeping you supported during your moves. 

They Boost Your Performance 

Made to help you unlock your true athletic prowess and champion’s spirit, our tapered joggers aren’t just good to look at – they’re great to workout in. They offer performance features inner gusset, side paneling, seamless stitching and 4-way stretch properties to improve your mobility. This gives you a full range of motion, helping you do your squats, deadlifts and other athletic activities easily. 

In addition, our track pants are fitted to your body, moving as you do to match your resilience. This improves your overall movement, pushing you into maxing out every trail run or hike. 

They’re Practical and Perfect for Casual Wear 

Since our ribbed joggers offer secure pockets, timeless designs and clean patterns, they’re perfect for both – the gym sessions and the street style. They also give you variety with elasticated waistbands and drawcords, side pockets, hidden back pockets and minimal logo prints that keep you at ease and comfort as you hit the hardest of your workouts. 

for a variety of tops, taking you from a hardcore workout to a relaxed hangout with ease.

Styling Your Tapered Joggers: Tips for the Gym Buff

  • Hit the Weights: Pair your joggers with performance stingers or tanks for a full range of movement during your lifts.
  • Outdoor Training: If you’re getting rough outdoors, style these gym jogger pants with our gym hoodies to train like a beast. 

Choosing the Best Tapered Joggers for Your Fitness Goals

  • Classic Tapered Joggers: These are ideal for those who want a long-haul gym staple in their wardrobe such as our Essential Stretch Joggers
  • Flex Tapered Joggers: For the champions that need a full range of mobility during their deep and intense workouts such as our Statement Ribbed Joggers
  • Slim Fit Tapered Joggers: These are perfect for those who want to flaunt their well-physique while doing distraction-free workouts such as our Code Tapered Cargo Pants

Should You Wear Tapered Joggers When Working Out? 

Yes, you should wear tapered joggers during your gym training or outdoor sessions. This is because these joggers mix comfort with style and flexibility. This prevents heaviness during workouts, pushing you to your full range of motion during lunges, squats and other lifts. They’re made with stretchy and breathable materials, giving you the muscle support and airflow, you need. This keeps you at-ease and regulates your body temperature levels. The tapered joggers also have a snug fit, which accentuates your hard-earned gym physique, making them perfect for casual wear and training time. 

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