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Low Impact Sports Bra

Comfortable and aesthetic low impact sports bras that are optimal for daily routines and light exercise. Our collection of bras are engineered with soft and lightweight fabric to help you stay on the move. Be unstoppable with our collection of low impact sports bras.

Minimal and All-round Low Impact Sports Bra

A low-impact sports bra is made for daily work, Yoga, Pilates, light exercise, walks or brisk runs. The purpose of this bra is to only minimize low impacts to reduce chest and back pain. These bras are ideal for women who have tough routines that require them to stay on the move.

However, if you are looking for a sports bra that minimizes all kinds of impact, then a high impact sports bra is what you need. You can also go for a medium impact sports bra as that also helps to minimize impacts from workouts, runs, aerobics, and many other exercises. A low impact sports bra is more suitable for activities that have minimal recoil. Our collection of low impact sports bras are more towards the aesthetic side. You can go for our seamless Ultra Sports Bra, which is made with innovative seamless technology or our Primal Bra.

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Stay On The Move

Whether you are aiming for a lightweight workout, aerobics, Yoga or plan to dominate your tasks for the day, a low impact sports bra is your best bet for comfort and freedom to move. Please keep in mind that your chest also determines which impact bra is best for you. Women with a larger cup size should aim for a high impact or medium impact sports bra as compared to a low impact sports bra which may not offer the right amount of protection.

A low impact sports bra is optimal for women with a smaller cup size and for movements that are more steady state vs intense. Keeping this in mind, at SQUATWOLF our focus is to combine the latest in fabric technology and styles to give you a complete product. The process starts by aligning the right fabric with fabric technology like moisture management and 4-way stretch capabilities.

Afterwards, the right style and colors are meticulously combined to give a sensational product that excels in and out of the gym. Female athletes can vouch for the importance of wearing the right bra. The right sports bra can help keep everything in place and minimize impact from shocks to prevent injuries and pain.

This is why we have all three kinds of sports bra to be an all-inclusive brand for women from all walks of life. Stay worry free and focus where you need to rather than being fixated with irritation or uncomfortability. With your focus on point, you can start breaking more boundaries and pushing your limits to new heights.

Functional Low Impact Sports Bra

Our medium-impact sports bras range from different fabrics. The goal is to only use fabric that is comfortable and lightweight. From ultra-soft performance fabrics to super soft buttery fabrics, these sport bras are comfy and go the long run given its durability.

The first step is always identifying an ideal fabric blend to ensure durability and comfortability. Our collection of low impact sport bras features lightweight to mid-weight fabric. Both the Primal and Ultra Sports Bra are made with seamless construction. Seamless construction allows for a more composed fit and comfort that normal stitching can’t match. Chafing is one of the most irritating things about workouts. The sweat combined with the stitching only aggravates the problem. This is where seamless clothing excels, coupled with moisture management, the absence of stitching and sweat buildup equals a peaceful workout.

All of the low impact sport bras have removable bra pads, this makes them super easy to clean. This also helps increase the life of these bras while always keeping them fresh and odor free. Lastly, move with freedom as most of our low impact sports bras come with 4-way stretch capabilities. This will leave you gliding through every movement.