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Men's Pullover Gym Hoodies

Men's Pullover Hoodies

Engineered to keep you warm, cozy and highly functional, our men’s pullover hoodies help you crush all your workouts. What makes our pullover hoodies perfect is that they’re highly adaptive, which means they’re fit for every occasion so you can wear them pre, mid and post workout.

Balance, blend and breathe in SQUATWOLF’s gym hoodies for men.

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Why Choose SQUATWOLF’s Men’s Pullover Hoodies?

Athletic, active and advanced, SQUATWOLF’s gym hoodies keep you feeling motivated and charged for your next workout. From offering weather-resistance to keeping you protected from outdoor pollution, these hoodies incorporate cutting-edge technology to optimize your training as well as post-training routine.

Here’s why you need pull over hoodies in your gym-drobe:

They Feature Practicality

When it comes to comfortable active wear, one thing most guys need is convenience. Our pullover hoodies are crafted with your needs in mind as they come with kangaroo pockets to make sure your essentials such as your keys, wallets and cards are safe and secure. In addition, these pockets are perfect hand-warmers for those breezy morning walks to and from the gym so you feel comfortable and at-ease.

In addition, the zipper closure and the attached drawcords give you that warm and safe enclosure, keeping you insulated especially when the temperature drops. Most of our pullover hoodies also have cuffed sleeves to ensure a snug fit around the wrist area as well as to offer coverage. For more zipped options, you can also go for our bomber jackets.

They’re Made to Maximize Comfort

One of the biggest selling factors of pullovers and hoodies is their comfort. To make sure you get the best of the best, we design pullovers and varsity jackets with soft hand feel, super comfy fabric. In fact, some of our hoodies feature brushback fabric as well, which keeps you comfortable and insulated when the temperature drops or when you simply need some support for post-training recovery.

In addition, our hoodies are made with performance fabrics, offering 4-way stretch properties to ensure you get flexibility and mobility to experience a full range of motion during your workouts. This makes these hoodies perfect for warmups, weightlifting, bodybuilding and even unwinding.

They Guarantee Durability & Endurance

What makes our pullovers and sleeveless hoodies so great is that they are made not only for comfort, but also for your performance. Not only is our material high quality and breathable, it is also made with reinforced seams and stitches to ensure your gear is as tough as your workouts.

In addition, these hoodies are also made with abrasion-resistant material, which keeps your hoodies safe from grazing against dumbbells, barbells and other gym machinery. Many hikers, climbers and other athletes wear these hoodies during their outdoor activities, so you can rest assured your gear will stay as good as new despite your rough and tough routine.

How to Style Your Men's Pullover Hoodie?

  • For Lifting: Pair this hoodie with our gym shorts to train effortlessly.
  • For Outdoor Activities: Stay covered and warmed during your outdoor routines by pairing this hoodie up with gym tights for men.
  • For Post-Workout Recovery: Get cozy and comfortable in our gym joggers to boost your post-workout recovery.

Why Do You Need Pullover Hoodies in Your Wardrobe?

While it may be a personal preference and choice, hoodies are a great addition to your gym gear collection. This is because they’re the perfect way to charge up your sleeping muscles and get them activated during your warm-up routines, so you get the most out of your workout.

In addition, when it comes to training outdoors for marathons or just hitting the track for cardio, you’ll be perfectly insulated and protected from harsh weather.

This is especially crucial during the colder weather because it keeps your muscles warm, preventing stiffness. Moreover, our hoodies come with moisture-wicking properties to keep you sweat-free and focused during workouts. So, there are many reasons why having a pullover hoodie would be great for you – it all just comes down to what you like and feel comfortable in!

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