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Men's Shorts With Pockets

Men’s Gym Shorts With Pockets

Streamlined, lightweight and dynamic, SQUATWOLF’s men’s shorts with pockets gear you up for greatness, driving you forth to achieve all your fitness goals. Not only are these shorts ultra-modern and sleek, they’re also adaptive, keeping you functional whether you’re training for agility or aesthetics.

The best part is, since they focus on practicality, you can easily wear them when you’re engaging in outdoor activities or just heading for a casual day out.

Push your athletic boundaries and unlock your potential in SQUATWOLF’s vast array of gym shorts.

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Choose SQUATWOLF’s Men's Shorts with Pockets?

Stamina-focused, form-fitting and pro-stretchability, our men’s shorts with pockets ensure ease of movement through all your lifts and leaps. What makes them the perfect piece of active wear is that they support different kinds of activities such as sports training, hikes, runs and more.

Here’s why these shorts should be a gym buff’s top choice:

They’re Made for Practicality

Whether you choose our athletic shorts for running, hikes, trekking, HIIT or lifting at the gym, you need that convenience of keeping your essentials safely. The distinguishing element of these shorts – pockets – give you that practical convenience, helping you keep all your things such as your phones, headphone cases, keys, wallets, cards and etc. close to you.

This is especially useful when you’re training outdoors since you need a place for safe storage. In addition, the elasticated and drawcord waistband gives you a snug fit, stabilizing your core and keeping your posture upright and sturdy. Some of our shorts also come with reflective branding features, ensuring safety with every leap.

They Incorporate Advanced Technology

What makes our 2-in-1 shorts with pockets such a hit is that they feature a compression layer underneath the shorts to give you muscle support. This boosts your performance while you train. In addition, it also ensures a smooth post-workout recovery experience, all the while giving you enough coverage on leg days.

Moreover, our gym shorts come with side vents at hem for a full range of motion, side seam panels for flexibility, and ventilation panels for airflow – helping you elevate your overall training experience.

They’re Designed for the Long Haul

One thing most gym guys struggle with is durability in their gear, especially for those grueling gym sessions. Whether you’re leg pressing heavy weights on your leg days and need stretchability in your gear without the threat of it ripping or need your active wear to resist abrasion from dumbbells and machines, our performance shorts give you just that.

The blend of performance fabrics such as spandex, polyester, polyamide, cotton, nylon, rayon, etc. gives your gear the sturdiness and strength to withstand wear and tear so you can hustle hard at the gym.

Tips For Styling Your Athletic Shorts with Pockets

  • Low Impact Gym Training: If you’re hitting the gym for low impact and high intensity sessions such as strength training or hypertrophy, make sure to pair these shorts with gym t-shirts.
  • High Impact Training: If you're training for high impact workouts that get you sweaty, pair our shorts with gym stringers & tanks to ensure a smooth airflow so you're dry and ventilated.
  • Outdoor Training: Hitting the tracks or hills? Layer these shorts up with a hoodie to stay warm.

Choosing the Perfect Pair of Shorts with Pockets

Shorts With Coverage

Ideal for those who need coverage along with flexibility – especially when hitting legs – our 2-in-1 shorts with pockets are perfect. If you prefer more coverage, then go for knee-length shorts.

Recommendation: Limitless 2-in-1 Shorts

Pro-Agility Shorts

Ideal for the pacemakers, our pro-performance and pro-agility running shorts keep you quick on your feet, especially on movements that require a lot of impact.

Recommendation: Core 7'' Aerotech Shorts

Sports Training Shorts

Go for our men’s basketball shorts with pockets to train for those sportsy activities.

Recommendation: Warrior Shorts

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