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Pack of 5 PM2.5 Filters

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PM 2.5 Filters have proven to be extremely effective in blocking out hazardous nanoparticles. These 5 layered filters can be coupled with any cotton mask to block virus particles. The composition of this filter is exactly like the popular N95 and KN95 respirators.

There are two layers of Melt-blown Fabric, an advanced material with electrostatic properties responsible for filtering microscopic particles. There is one layer of Activated Charcoal which has antibacterial properties and traps particles through absorption. Finally, these layers are kept in place with 2 layers of Spun-bond Fabric which filters out larger particles and provides support to this filter.

These filters retain their properties for up to a year and lab tests have shown that a mask with a PM 2.5 filter can filter up to 90% of airborne particles.

Comes in a pack of 5 and can be used to replace pre-loaded filters in Polygiene® ViralOff® 4-Layer Reusable Masks.






How effective are PM2.5 Filters?

These filters are tested to KN95 standards and work effectively to filter out hazardous particles in the air. PM2.5 Filter coupled with cloth face mask have proven to be effective against nano-particles.

Does this filter make it harder to breathe?

These filters provide the same level of protection with less resistance during inhalation as compared to the N95 and KN95 respirators. Laboratory test showed that the maximum resistance during inhalation was 25% less than a N95 respirator.

Does it work only against Covid-19?

This filter is not only effective against nano-particles but when combined with a mask, it is also effective against water droplets, airborne particles, smoke, dust, pollutants and vehicle exhaust.

How to safely remove the used mask from the face?

When removing the mask, make sure you don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. Also, wash your hands thoroughly once the mask has been removed.

Does it have any allergic reactions with skin?

No, the active ingredients properties do not interfere with the skin’s organic bacterial make-up.

How to wash the mask?

Carefully remove the mask without touching your eyes, noes and mouth. Remove the filter from the cloth or cotton mask and then wash the mask in a washing machine. Once, the mask is dried, you can replace the filter inside.


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