When Fitness Met Fashion.
We were born.
Our story entails around this phenomena.
Two gym enthusiasts started a journey to fill the vacuum.
That the big brands left in pursuit of their own agendas.

Born in UAE, a pair of busy professionals sought to find their passion to merge, fitness and fashion.
The epiphany was created over time, as our interest grew in fitness.
We realized that the industry has quite a monotonous taste in fitness gear.
Parallel trends, tedious designs & nothing that stood out.

In the midst of global shopping arena,
we were frustrated and perplexed by the lack of fitness gear that had both; quality and style.
Moreover, there was lack of transparency in the shipment process.
Delayed orders, hidden costs, and lots of uncertainty.

Therefore, an opportunity awaited, with a share of responsibility.
Our vision primed from the idea: to take on our passion and the industry itself.
We took local athletes on board and understood their needs.
Squat Wolf became the first local brand in the GCC and Asia region.

Every product in our inventory is engineered for gym.
From every stitch, to every design element, our thought-process considered your performance.
Our product is there to compete with the status quo.
So you may find the value, you are looking for. That became our secret to success.

We have taken the path. That no other might have taken; just like a wolf.

That’s our story. We are Squat Wolf. Born in UAE. Engineered for GYM.

Our Vision

Deliver a platform for the health and fitness, with integration of innovation and design for ultimate performance.
Be it products, education, inspiration or lifestyle, we want you to have it under one roof.

Our Values

Understanding the need for the community, and striving to fulfil them.
Our success is through the deliverance of the promises we have made.
Everything we do is for your fitness, your health,
and to make our community supportive of each other.

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