While engineering gym gear for hardcore athletes there is no cutting corners. SQUAT WOLF uses high performance custom fabric with cutting edge design technology to engineer gym gear that is second to none! From fabric to printing to color, everything has been engineered keeping modern and local athletes in mind.

Born in Dubai. Engineered for gym!

mesh breathable fabric


We have used the most advanced custom polyester fabric that is covered with minute invisible breathing-holes to keep you cool during the sweatiest of workouts.

Not only this… the custom fabric is extremely light and gives the usual cotton feel on the skin. Designs are done using high performance sublimation printing to sustain the wear and tear of the most gruesome of workouts.

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rubber strap


We call our stringers ‘Next-Gen’ for a reason. All our gym stringers have a flexible rubber strap on the back to give athletes the additional flexibility they need during the hard-core training.

The stringers are ‘engineered for gym’ with deep armholes to keep it out of your work-outs.

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custom polyamide fabric


All our ‘Next-Gen’ tanks are equipped with custom polyamide fabric. Polyamide is extremely light weight but at the same time it is highly resistant. It still feels like cotton to give you that usual comfort of cotton.

Polyamide fabric is tear-proof, abrasion-resistant, absorbs little moisture (thus good transfer of moisture away from the body) and crease-free. Polyamide has the highest resistance of all the textile raw materials and is very stretchy. It also has natural moisture wicking characteristics that keeps you dry for hours!

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moisture wicking


Our custom polyamide fabric has two layers. Inner layer absorbs all the moisture from the body and transfers it to the outer layer. Outer layer distributes moisture through out the tank to help dry the sweat faster.

The fibers that are used to make polyamide are smooth and non-absorbent meaning, anything that is made up of polyamide dries up easily and quickly.

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gym tshirts


Our Alpha Male Tees and Old Skool Tanks are made of high performance cotton with a mix of elastane to give you the extra flexibility and muscle fit.

With the high performance characteristics, our cotton comes with moisture wicking technology. It distributes the moisture through out the fabric to help dry it faster.

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high performance cotton


All our shorts have an invisible inner layer that absorbs the sweat and keeps it from being visible on the outer layer. Superior ultra-absorbent lining keeps you comfortable no matter how much you sweat.

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