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Men's Gym Clothes

Our Men’s Gym Wear carries a collection of innovative designs to let you compete at the highest level. Squat Wolf leans towards the premium end for an ultimate experience. Our Men’s Gym wear range promises to deliver the best for an athlete. Our inspiration comes from the international and local heroes who strive to improve their athletic abilities and possibly live in active wear.

Read More Our athletes and influencers help us engineer the best active wear. We launch our merchandise, after months of testing. Our focus on quality, innovation, and performance is never compromised.

We work with the top manufacturers and designers to stay up-to-date with the latest innovation and trends. Our fabric is customized with the ideal compositions of Nylon, Spandex, Polyester and Cotton.

The fabric composition varies depending on the product category and style. We specialize in various Tops and Bottoms categories for men; Gym Tanks, Gym Stringers , Jogger Pants , Sweat Pants, Gym Shorts, Gym Tees, Compression Tights, Gym Hoodies and more to be launched soon.

SQUAT WOLF Premium Gym wear is not just for working out. Our designs are put together for leisure and casual wear. Most of our customers wear them for everyday wear and live an active lifestyle.

More employers are allowing casual wear at work. Therefore, more people are adopting activewear and an active lifestyle. More people are becoming fitness conscious and SQUAT WOLF wants to help them live a lesser sedentary lifestyle. SQUAT WOLF Premium Men's Gym Wear carry the durability and sweat-absorbing capability to keep you cool and dry for the longest working hours. No matter if you are moving around the load or sitting in front of the computer the whole day, our innovative custom fabric won’t let you down.

Our fabric stretches with its ultimate capacity to keep you flexible and respond to your movements. Airflow capability of the fabric won’t let the sweat surface anywhere on you and keep you sweat-free. The feel of the fabric along with the fit keeps you content.