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Men's Long Sleeves T-shirts

Men’s Long Sleeves Gym T-Shirts

Perfect for pushing through your limits, SQUATWOLF’s vast range of men’s long sleeves workout shirts are a staple in your gym fit collection. Crafted to help you champion each training session, these t-shirts are a combination of style and strength.

From lifting weights to bodybuilding, trekking on the trails or running on the track, our long sleeves shirts keep you comfy during all kinds of physical activities.

Grind for those gains in SQUATWOLF’s high-performance gym t-shirts for men.

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Why SQUATWOLF’s Men’s Long Sleeve Workout Shirts Stand Out?

Created for the athlete in every man, our long sleeves workout shirts keep you on-track with your fitness journey. Featuring timeless design with durable performance fabric, our gym gear pushes you through the roughest and most intense training sessions.

Here’s why our long sleeve workout shirts should be in your gym-drobe:

They Offer Coverage

Our men’s long sleeves workout shirts promote performance during your indoor as well as outdoor workouts. Whether you’re hitting the gym for upper body days or heading off for a group cycling session, these oversized gym t-shirts keep you covered – especially from UV rays, harsh weather and pollution.

They Are Designed for Exceptional Performance

Thanks to 4-way stretch properties in our bodybuilding t-shirts, you get to experience a full range of motion, which elevates your workout sessions. With a full range of motion, you’re able to minimize injuries, maximize muscle engagement and stay on top of your performance game.

They Keep You Sweat-Proof

Our seamless gym t-shirts keep you sweat-free thanks to their superior moisture-wicking abilities. Whether you’re crushing your HIIT sessions or heading off to your sports training, these workout t-shirts regulate body temperatures while absorbing sweat.

This keeps you at ease during your running marathons, treadmill or cycling sessions, weightlifting sessions, etc. This keeps you laser-focused for each workout, keeping you at-ease and comfortable throughout.

They Offer Muscle Support

Hit every rep the right way with our muscle t-shirts. Our long sleeves workout shirts and muscle t-shirts are compressive. Not only do they give you a flattering fit but also muscular support.

The long sleeves offer a snug fit from your arm to your forearm, giving you proper physical alignment while training. In addition, the true athletic fit also gives you visibility during workouts, allowing you to maintain correct posture and form.

For more options, you can also browse through our vast range of half sleeves gym t-shirts.

How to Style Your Men's Long Sleeve Workout Shirts?

  • For Weightlifting: Pair your long sleeves shirts with gym shorts when lifting weights – especially for those lunges and squats!

  • For Outdoor Runs: Push past those extra miles on breezy morning or cold night runs by combining these shirts with our high performance gym leggings.

  • For Casual Wear: Stay dapper and on-trend by pairing long sleeves workout shirts with tapered joggers – perfect for that gym-to-coffee-grab transition.

  • For Rest & Recovery: Get cozy in our gym joggers to rest and recover after intense gym sessions.

Choosing the Right Long Sleeve Workout Shirt

Each long sleeve shirt for men caters to a different kind of workout. Here’s how you can pick the right one according to your activity:

Running Top

Promoting breathability, our running top such as the Core Running Top offers exceptional moisture-wicking to keep you sweat-proof.

Agility Long Sleeves Tee

Maximizes your mobility, allowing you to perform every movement with the utmost focus and optimal muscle engagement such as our Essential Agility Top.

Long Sleeves Sweatshirt

Ideal for your post-training recovery mode such as the Golden Era Retro Stitch Sweat.

TDRY™ Long Sleeves Top

Perfect for those intense sweat sessions such as HIIT, hiking, biking, cycling, etc. such as our LAB360 TDRY™ Long Sleeves Top.

Why Should You Train in Long Sleeves Workout Shirts?

Your gym gear depends on the type of training you’re engaging in. For instance, if you’re specifically training biceps or triceps, it’s best to go for short-sleeve, gym polo t-shirts. On the other hand, if you’re warming up, you should have your gym hoodie on.

Similarly, you should train in long sleeves workout shirts when you need coverage and protection. The long sleeves shirts are also compressive, giving you muscle support to prevent post-training fatigue.

In addition, these shirts are ideal for men who want to look and feel more powerful and confident at the gym. Finally, since these shirts offer freedom of movement, they keep you distraction-free during your workouts.

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