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Bundle | 3 Colors x Ribbed Shorts

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Ribbed bundle

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Ribbed Shorts series is conceptualized to boost performance. All the Ribbed series went through state-of-the-art production process. Each component is detailed with a specific function.

Ultimate premium finished fabric for softer and smoother feel. Perfect elastane mix for an absolute stretch. Stainless steel zipper to store your valuables. Inner lining for better moisture-absorption. Seek perfection, build yourself, and never stop hunting.

Model is wearing LARGE size.


- Premium Cotton – Really soft and light
- Very soft and smooth on the skin
- Elastane-Mix for added flexibility
- Ultimate Premium Finish Fabric
- Really soft inner invisible lining to absorb sweat


- Model is wearing LARGE size
- Advanced and improved fit from first generation shorts
- Above knee length
- Ribbed belts with premium draw strings for great hold



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