While engineering gym gear for hardcore athletes there is no cutting corners. SQUAT WOLF uses high performance custom fabric with cutting edge design technology to engineer gym gear that is second to none! From fabric to printing to color, everything has been engineered keeping modern and local athletes in mind.

Born in Dubai. Engineered for gym!


Our latest fabric work with the master blend of 65% Nylon / 35% Spandex. Dry-Knit Fabric is super-stretchable and softer fabric for ultimate fit and performance.

Engineered from the state-of-the-art technology, the fabric is supreme and provides the ultimate odor control.


Our compression layer wraps the body part for dominant control and shock absorption. The ultimate nylon and elastane mix creates precise aerodynamics.

Dry-Tech Layer features in the 2-in-1 Dry Tech Shorts, engineered for runners, sprinters. Also, the best gear to squat in!


Mesh-Laser Cut Tech is composed of 86% Polyamide / 14% Spandex for superior breathability and fast dry. Mesh Cut consists of ventilation pores for faster results in drying and sweeping sweat away.

Designed for the Razor Back Tee which doesn’t compromise on either, style and performance.


Aeropocket(™) fabric keeps your valuables protected in the heat-sealed air pockets. It retains heat and makes your pockets lightweight with extended support. The pocket fabric is optimally engineered for fast-absorption to maintain optimal moisture levels.


Aeropad(™) are support pads designed for ultimate breathability which allows airflow and prevent moisture in the area around the chest.

Removable and washable pads combined with the Nylex (™) fabric provides the ultimate airflow keeping the area cool and dry.


Nylex (™) is the ultimate workout fabric for women with a mix of nylon and spandex. Designed for all-way stretch, breathability, and sweat-wicking capability.

The fabric is best for aesthetics and fit in women gym wear.


PACKVIP is a customer rewards program that offers elite services, gifts, experiences and discounts to our most loyal customers. The more you spend and engage with SQUATWOLF, the better your status, benefits and rewards!

Joining is easy! You can enrol in the PackVIP rewards program by making an account at squatwolf.com by providing your first and last name and email address. The program is free to join so once you enrol, you can start enjoying the benefits right away!

Your benefits and rewards as a PackVIP member depends on your PackVIP member status. Your benefits will grow as you achieve a higher status. Just for enrolling, all PackVIP members receive early access to sale, exclusive members’ discount and 10% discount on redemption of points. For a full list of benefits and rewards for all PackVIP member tiers, see the chart below or visit our VIP Pack rewards terms & conditions page for more information.

Your PackVIP status is based on how many points you earn in a calendar year. OMEGA: 0–2,999 Program Points DELTA: 3,000-6,999 Program Points BETA: 7,000-14,999 Program Points ALPHA: 15,000+ Program Points

There are several ways to earn points: 1. Make a purchase! Every dollar you spend on an eligible purchase (excluding amounts spent on tax) earns you 10 points.* $1=10 points. Similarly, AED 3.6 = 10 points SAR 3.7 = 10 points QAR 3.6 = 10 points KWD 0.3 = 10 points OMR 0.4 = 10 points BHD 0.4 = 10 points GBP 0.9 = 10 points EUR 1.0 = 10 points AUD 1.5 = 10 points 2. Create an account → earn 150 Points 3. Refer friends → earn 1000 points if you are at OMEGA or DELTA status, 1500 points if you are at BETA status and 2000 points if you are at ALPHA status. 4. Leave a review via email → 14 days after making a purchase you will receive an email to review the products you purchased. When you click the link in the email and write a review at squatwolf.com, you will earn 100 points. 5. Add a photo to your review → Adding a photo to your review gets you additional 50 points 6. Follow us on Instagram → earn 50 points (once per lifetime) 7. Follow us on Twitter → earn 50 points (once per lifetime) 8. Happy Birthday → earn 10 points by adding your birthday details.

Based on your status, you can redeem points as follows: Points Redemption Omega Delta Beta Alpha  10% discount 2000 2000 2000 2000  15% discount x 3000 3000 3000  20% discount x x 7000 7000  

Only if you do not make a purchase in an entire calendar year. For example, you earned 1500 points for making a purchase + other activities on 1st Jan 2022 and did not make another purchase till 31st Dec 2022, 1500 points will expire on 1st Jan 2023. We will notify you before your points are about to expire.

As you earn points you are moving up the tiers and you will maintain that tier for a period of 12 months even after redeeming your points. At the end of 12 months period your status is reevaluated based on your purchases. If you made enough purchases to maintain your current status, your status will not expire, if you didn’t not, then you will be moved down to the status that fits the best.

We encourage PackVIP members to use a single email address and single account for all transactions to ensure you receive points toward your PackVIP tier status.

At this time you can earn points for purchases made only at squatwolf.com. You cannot currently earn PackVIP points for any purchases made on a Partner’s online or retail store, or from any department store, specialty store, off-price retailer or any other wholesale retailer.

PackVIP points are added to your account immediately after the purchase. However, if you make a return within 14 days, as per the exchange/return policy, your points will be deducted accordingly.

You can refer as many friends as you like, there is no limit to it.

The referred customer must make a purchase and use the coupon code at checkout in order for the referral to be successful. You will earn points if the new customer's first order is equal to or over $120.

If your PackVIP account includes your birthday, and you are a Delta, Beta or Alpha member, you are eligible for an annual birthday reward. Omega members do not receive an annual birthday reward. Approximately two weeks before your birthday you will receive an email with a special birthday reward. Redemption instructions, as well as any other applicable terms and conditions, will be provided in the email. You can redeem your reward at squatwolf.com. Want to make sure you’re on the birthday list? Add your birthday information to your PackVIP birthday section in ways to earn points.

It will take up to 24 hours for your points to appear in your PackVIP account.

Please contact customer service at support@squatwolf.com