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Medium Impact Sports Bra

Minimal and functional medium impact sports bra that are perfect for weight training, cycling, Pilates, yoga and much more. Move carefree with comfortable support and durable fabric with contemporary functional features. Find your style and set your workout vibe

Aesthetic and Functional Medium Impact Sports Bra

A medium impact sports bra is optimal for everything but intense workouts. Unless you are aiming for HITT workouts, sprints or circuits that require a lot of motion, a medium impact sports bra is more than enough to meet your workout needs. SQUATWOLF’s collection of sports bras are more than just clothing. They are engineered keeping in mind the struggles of female athletes in the gym. We believe that functional bras can help workouts become smoother. When the sweat starts flowing, irritation can follow. That is why we use premium fabric to provide you comfort as you glide through your workouts and routine.

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Stay On The Move

When working out, your focus needs to be on point. Therefore, your clothes can not become an obstacle for you. Whether your post-sweat the chafing causes you irritation or restricts your movements; proper activewear gives you a boost so you can lift to your highest potential. Keeping this in mind, at SQUATWOLF our focus is to combine the latest in fabric technology and styles to give you a complete product. So whether you are running, lifting or grooving through your routine; our medium impact sports bra will help you power through the ordeal.

The medium impact sport bras come in aesthetic styles to keep your athleisure game on point. Female athletes can vouch for the importance of wearing the right bra. The right sports bra can help keep everything in place and minimize impact from shocks to prevent injuries and pain. As mentioned above, this is only possible by combining the latest in fabric technology with the right mix of fabrics.

Functional Medium Impact Sports Bra

Our medium impact sports bras range from different fabrics. The goal is to only use fabric that is comfortable and lightweight. From ultra-soft performance fabrics to super soft buttery fabrics, these sport bras are comfy and go the long run given its durability. Majority of the medium sports bras have removable bra pads, this makes them super easy to clean. This also helps increase the life of these bras while always keeping them fresh and odor free.

Another cool thing about these medium impact sports bras is that they have moisture management properties. Whether it comes loaded with Dry Fut or moisture wicking fabric, even on the go, sweat won’t hold you back. The bras also come with ribbed detailing, ribbed under-bust bands or ribbed stretchable backs. This is for two reasons, one its adds to the fit and second, more comfort. Staying composed throughout workouts and intense activities is half the game. These features help you with a customized fit. Lastly, move with freedom as most of our medium impact sports bras come with 4-way stretch capabilities. This will leave you gliding through every movement.

What exercises is a medium impact sports bra for?

Medium impact sports bra is great for intense workouts. The restriction level is effective enough to make your workout go smoothly. Ideally, activities like cycling, skiing, power walking, running, hiking and workouts are meant for medium impact sports bras. The support is for all cup sizes and they do feel compressed or snug when you wear them. This composed fit is helping to minimize impacts. So whether you are aspiring Yogi or need something to power through hectic routines, a medium impact sports bra is your best support.

Aesthetic and minimal Medium Impact Sports Bra

Are you more of a striking personality or do you love your calm colors? No matter your vibe, we’ve got something for your taste. Each collection comes with its own style and color palette. From double straps to spaghetti straps to woven straps, there is wide variety when it comes to styles. Keeping up with contemporary fashion and the feedback from our wonderful athletes, influencers and loyal fans, we keep coming with fresh designs.

There are different types of coverage, necklines and backs. Some styles are completely minimalistic in nature while others are more aesthetic in style. At SQUATWOLF, not only will you medium impact sports bra help you power through your workouts but it will also help you ace your fashion game. Combine your medium impact sports bra with leggings for womenjoggers for women, or shorts to get the complete WOLF PACK look. You can be a part of the hottest growing athleisure brand that is built around its lovely consumers