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6 Most Bizarre Yoga Pants Stories on the Internet

Oddly controversial, yoga pants are all over the internet for the most bizarre stories.

Women and men love yoga pants for all their respective reasons. However, there is some hate and controversy involved due to its nature.

You won’t find any hot yoga pictures here, but interesting ways of how people have managed to make it controversial.

Stories are funny, dangerous and emotional for some. But we can all learn something from each story and make life better and simpler for ourselves.

Let’s look into some stories and see why yoga pants have become a matter of discussion.

1. How to Carry a Pistol in Yoga Pants

Tomi Lahren, Trump supporter, and right-wing conservative got trolled on the internet, three weeks ago.

She endorsed a brand by posting a picture of carrying a pistol in her pants, and Twitter went berserk on her weird display.

Lahren criticized the ‘March For Our Lives’ campaign the next day.

The campaign was led by students in support of tighter gun control policies. It included some provisions, such as age limit to buy guns and making background checks universal.

She believes the gun control policy cannot cut down violence – protested the march and students on Twitter.

Twitter roasted her ubiquitous stand on gun violence and her insinuation of the Instagram post.

Lesson: Be true to your values, so you don’t fall as a hypocrite.

2. Yoga Pants Piled Up 20 Cars

Yoga Pants stories

One early morning Jeremy Randle got distracted by a woman exercising in his rearview mirror.

He ran into the car in front of him. One after another, there were multiple cars piled up at the I-76 past West Philadelphia.

When Police asked Jeremy if he regrets not keeping his eyes on the road, he replies that he regrets not taking a picture for his friends.

Jeremy was put through a new program led by psychologists on catcalling, rubbernecking, and keeping eyes on the road.

We found only one source to this incident on Medium. Regardless of the authenticity, we all can learn something from it.

Lesson: Keep your eyes on the road, please.

Do you believe such accidents are possible? Read the next one

3. Students can’t study because – Yoga Pants

Cape Cod Tech female students protest for banning the yoga pants in the school.

The high school suggests that they want to keep the attire professional and these pants encourage inappropriate behavior.

Female students argue the school is making them wear short skirts or shorts over yoga pants. Cape Cod is not the first school to ban these pants.

Female students are outraged while some parents believe that these pants should have been banned earlier.

It seems like yoga pants might be controversial, but wait till you read the next story.

4. Why Yoga Pants Bad for Women

‘I don’t look good in these pants so let’s all bring back the sweatpants to the studio.’

A Medium by Honor Jones, not sure if a real writer, caused outrage on the internet.

Women were furious as the piece suggested women wear them to look sexy and want to show off their body.

Writer told her own story as she felt uncomfortable wearing them. She goes on saying the workouts have become all about how they look and not about fitness and healthy living.

It wasn’t just Twitter, but tons of blogs were written in response, bashing New York Times for publishing such an opinion.

Women replied stating they only wear because they are comfortable and lets them workout with freedom. Some said, why one even cares if they wore it to look good or comfort.

Lesson: Somethings work for you, somethings don’t. Speak for yourself and don’t be a hater.

5. Yoga Pants Turned Me into a Spiritual Guru

‘How I got high with chicks in yoga pants and became a spiritual guru.’

To spoil your story, there were no pants mentioned in the Medium article, except the title.

The piece was more like ‘now that I got your attention by saying chicks in yoga pants, let me teach you something.’

To all the wrong ideas about yoga pants and it being taboo, this guy found a compelling answer to life. Being giving an option to try something new, a yoga class – Cam Meekins learned about meditation, which changed his life.

He explains mediation very clearly and something anyone can do without buying yoga pants or a mat.

You can find some lessons about life and consumerism. How we look for solutions and instant gratifications? He believes the answer is very simple. By practicing meditation, we can look beyond our needs and what makes us happy.

No yoga pants, but enlightenment.

Lesson: Be open to everything, you never know what life can teach you.

6. Have You Met the Yoga Pants Guy?

Alan Sorrentino wrote a letter to the editor at The Barrington Times, about Yoga Pants.

Sorrentino said the worst thing in the most appropriate way that outraged women. He wrote that these pants are the worst thing that happened to women fashion.
He also added that women over 20 shouldn’t wear them.

Yoga Pants stories

It’s understandable for a woman to say such a thing like in the New York Times op-ed as she feels insecure. But not cool when a man to write in the letters to the editor. A man may have his reasons, and it all could have been forgotten.

But Sorrentino had his home address printed below the piece.

You can guess what happened, after all those stories. Women march toward Sorrentino’s house and threatened the yoga pants guy. Sorrentino got death threats, and people taunted him passing by his house.

The women and protesters who marched in front of Sorrentino's home Sunday (pictured) took the letter as one more act of policing of women's outfits

He said in one of his interviews that he got scared, but stood by his words and said that he meant no harm.

Lesson: Be careful what you write, and don’t leave your home address in the newspaper, except when posting an ad.

Let us know in the comments below how you found these stories if you learnt something from them.

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