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Triceps Workout – The Key to Bigger Arms


We hate to be the ones to do this, but it’s about time people realize this. Curls are not going to give you massive arms, it might give you a better peak, but that in no way means that you will get sleeve-busting arms. If big arms are what you’re looking for then you need to incorporate a full-fledged triceps workout in your routine. It is sure to make those gym shirts feel better and make you look good.

In this blog we will talk about why working on your triceps is important if you are looking to get bigger arms, how it can benefit you in other exercises and the best exercises for your triceps workout.

Why Triceps Workout is Important?

Your triceps consist of more than two-thirds of your entire arm, so it’s pretty obvious that you need to build your triceps if you want big arms and who doesn’t want a good arm. It just doesn’t end there, your triceps can help you perform push movement exercises better. It is a known fact that your triceps are usually the limiting factor when you are performing pressing exercises like bench press or even push-ups.

So the next time you go to the gym to try these exercises to get those killer gains and even hit your PB on the bench.


Close Grip Bench Press

A normal bench press can be a great exercise to work your chest and core, but a closer grip could really work those triceps, increasing strength and growing muscles. Try incorporating this in your next triceps workout.

How to do it:

  • Hold a barbell with an overhand grip making sure that your hands are shoulder-width apart, holding it above your sternum with arms completely straight.
  • Lower the bar straight down to your sternum, pause, and then press the bar back up to the starting position.


Rope Triceps Pushdown

This is a great exercise to add to your triceps workout since it zones into your triceps muscle and helps build muscles and strength. You need to be sure not to use too much weight. Increased weight can cause the shoulder and back to start participating which would defeat the purpose.

How to do it:

  • Use a rope handle to the high pulley, bend your arms and grab the bar with an overhand grip. Your hands need to be shoulder-width apart. Tuck your upper arms next to your sides.
  • Without moving your upper arms, you need to push the rope down until your elbows are locked. Slowly return to the starting position.


Triceps Dips

A workout is really turned up a notch when you need to lift your own body weight against the force of gravity.   This exercise will allow you to lift a heavier weight than you would in a triceps-isolating exercise.

How to do it:

  • Lift yourself up on parallel bars with your torso perpendicular to the floor. You need to maintain this posture throughout the exercise. Do not lean forward as it will shift emphasis to your chest and shoulders.
  • Bend your knees and cross your ankles. Slowly lower your body until your shoulder joints are below your elbows.
  • Push back up until your elbows are nearly straight, but make sure they are not locked. If you have shoulder issues, skip this move.


Overhead Triceps Extension

Usually, during any triceps workout, the long head of the triceps can often be neglected. This exercise is an important inclusion in your triceps workout to really get those gains.

How to do it:

  • Sit on a bench and grab one dumbbell. Form a diamond shape with both hands to grip the top end of the weight. Raise the dumbbell over your head, keeping your elbows up and your core tight.
  • Lower the dumbbell down the top of your back by bending at the elbow, maintaining your strong chest and keeping your shoulders still.
  • Raise the weight by fully extending your arms, pausing for a count to squeeze at the top of the movement.



As dangerous as this exercise sounds, it is a great way to work the lateral and long head of your triceps because of the elbow extension movement. Increasing or decreasing the incline will work on the long head and lateral head respectively.

How to do it:

  • Grip the EZ bar on the inner grips using an overhand grip and extend your arms straight up.
  • Keeping your elbows fixed and tucked in, slowly lower the bar until it is about an inch from your forehead. Always keep your upper arms perpendicular to the floor.
  • Slowly extend your arms back to the starting position without locking your elbows.


Key Takeaway

Your bicep is not the only part of your arms that you need to develop, not to discount the importance of biceps, but the triceps are what will give your arms some real size. Apart from the size, it will also give strength to your arms and help you lift more weights.

If you’ve already got the triceps workout down pat, try a bicep workout that you can try when you go to the gym.

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