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The Rock’s Cheat Day: 9 Outrageous Meals


The Rock’s cheat day takes “work hard, play hard” to a new level. Everything in Dwayne Johnson’s life, from his accomplishments to his work ethic, is extravagant.

His cheat meals are no exception to his excessive approach to life. Being 281 pounds of rock-hard muscle not only takes a lot to build but takes even more to maintain.

The Rock averages 5 hours of sleep per day, is constantly on the move with his busy schedule and needs to be swole for his various acting roles.

When he was preparing for Hercules, The Rock was eating 7 calorie-dense meals a day. This is about 10 pounds of clean food which equals more than 5,000 calories.

But, his intense workouts in the Iron Paradise definitely helped him utilize these calories efficiently.

The People’s Champion is currently training for his role in Black Adam. On his Instagram, The Rock updates everyone about his progress and has promised to raise the bar even higher this time around. This is a huge statement from The Brama Bull.

Yet, all of this doesn’t stop The Rock from feasting like a king every Sunday. The Rock’s cheat day consists of meals that will make you salivate instantly. However, stomaching these towering meals is a different story.

The Rock’s cheat day starts from Sunday morning all the way to midnight. From his Rock Toast to cookies the size of his face to stacks of pancakes drenched in maple syrup, we rounded up the best of The Rock’s cheat day.

Our Favorites From The Rock’s Cheat Day

DJ’s Infamous Coconut Banana Pancakes

The Rock works hard throughout the week, so it’s only right he plays harder on the weekend. The Rock’s cheat day Sunday starts off with a hefty breakfast.

His plate has stacks on stacks of pancakes that are smothered in peanut butter. Then he generously drenches them in his favorite maple syrup. The key to these “bomb-ass” pancakes is buttermilk and making them on a hot griddle with butter.

The recipe was invented by The Rock and his family friend/chef. The Rock has, on numerous Instagram posts, referred to these pancakes as his favorite in the world.

Remember the Rock’s golden rule for devouring these heavenly pancakes, “don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself”.

The Rock Toast With Cheesecake

The Rock cheat day closes at midnight with The Rock Toast.

It is French toast made with brioche bread. The Rock prefers brioche because it is more on the sweeter side. Usually, The Rock smears peanut butter on top of the bread but has flexed other variations on his Instagram.

The Rock Toast is 4-inches thick, which is roughly half of an average loaf of bread. However, since he usually devours 2 Rock Toast at once, he is literally eating a loaf of brioche bread. Next, it’s peanut butter jelly time.

The Rock Toast is smothered with peanut butter and jelly. But the party doesn’t stop here. Dwayne Johnson doesn’t do normal maple syrup anymore. Ever since he has launched his tequila brand, Teremana, he has been coming up with all sorts of tequila-infused maple syrup.

So, he drizzles the French toast in Teremana lime maple syrup. Next up is whipped cream, each toast has a generous helping of delicious white fluff. This cheat meal is an exception as he uses the whipped cream for the gigantic slice of cream cheese. Oh, he also has his own whipped cream too. Yes, it’s also infused with tequila.

The Rock toast is never complete without a pint of his favorite ice cream from Salt & Straw. The Rock’s drink of choice is also his Teremana tequila.

All in all, this is a massive cheat meal. A loaf of brioche bread turned into French toast with generous toppings, a slice of cheesecake (which to be honest is like a quarter of the entire cake), a pint of ice cream, and tequila.

The Rock’s cheat day gives gluttony a new meaning.

Big Daddy’s

Next, on our favorites from The Rock’s cheat day, are Big Daddy’s. This is Dwayne Johnson’s name for his style of cheeseburgers.

The burgers include an 8 oz patty with extra bacon, avocado, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. Also, The Rock doesn’t indulge in just one burger, it’s always 2.

The mouth-watering cheeseburgers come with double fries. Dips include ranch and ketchup. The massive burgers are chased with a chilled glass of Teremana, as expected.

Cookies Ice Cream Sammiches

Go big or go bigger, that is definitely The Rock’s cheat day motto. You’ll either get diabetes or sweet teeth trying to attempt this next cheat meal. How does The Rock do it? We can add this as the 8th wonder of the world.

This meal includes chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies sandwiched together with Oreo cookie ice cream. Oh, not one sandwich, but 4. Along with chocolate fudge cookies with salted caramel chips the size of his face. All these cookies with a quarter of a cheesecake that again The Rock thinks is just a slice.

Pizza After Pizza

In one of his Instagram posts, The Rock flexed 3 large pizzas with a dozen donuts, 4 muffins, and 4 cinnamon rolls. He also prefers double-dough pizzas as if the quantity wasn’t enough.

Also, The Rock is Hawaiian, so he prefers pineapple on his pizza. We approve of everything The Rock does, except this. But again, we all have our flaws.

What isn’t flawed is The Rock’s work ethic and diet. It’s a strict diet of clean food which amounts to at least 10 pounds of food per day. Sounds crazy?

Check out The Rock’s Herculean diet here.

Vodka Bolognese With Bagels

The Rock loves his Italian food. This reflects another infamous recipe from The Rock’s cheat day.

His preference is big pasta shells, go figure. Then it’s topped with a Bolognese sauce made with vodka. The final addition is freshly shaved parmesan on top and then broiled at 500 degrees. The Bolognese is coupled with bagels toasted with garlic and butter.

Reading the descriptions is enough to start drooling. As a result, this blog was written with numerous snack attacks and trips to the kitchen in between.

Sunday Sushi Train

Think you are a fan of sushi? Think again. The Rock’s cheat day can’t be complete without sushi, or a mountain of sushi.

His dip of soy sauce contains chunks of wasabi as well. Why? As The Rock says, “cause I’m proudly a sadist who enjoys pain.”

Huge Turkey Subs With Mini iPad Sized Brownies

As The Rock puts it, after eating this you are going to “pass out like Jabba The Hut in a sugar coma.” A beautiful analogy but still falls short of the gorgeousness of this cheat meal.

The turkey subs are made with oven-roasted turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo. That’s not your phone vibrating, it’s your stomach.

The size of these subs are massive too. We all know that The Rock’s hands are huge, and these subs in his hand are even bigger. So, with a little bit of calculation, we can say the size of these subs are around big AF.

Next up are the fudge brownies made with peanut butter fudge and milk chocolate chips. Such a decadent meal of gluttony and calories.

Ribeye And A Loaded Potato

Okay, this last meal from The Rock’s cheat day may not sound as heavy as the ones above. But, words can often be misleading.

This is a 33-ounce ribeye with a 1-pound loaded potato. Making this meal alone north of 3,000 calories. Outrageous!

The Rock makes his cheat meals epic because he works much harder than everyone else in the industry when it comes to fitness.

He also states that you only live once. That’s more than enough reason to spoil yourself.

Keep in mind, even after consuming so many calories, The Rock is shredded. This is because of his unmatched work ethic and intense workout.

Take a closer look at The Rock’s workout here.

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