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Introducing The Ultimate Athletic Experience With LAB360°


Why do you lift?

Why do you face grueling circumstances willingly?

Why sweat, cry through the pain, pick yourself up and dust off your shoulders only to train harder than before?

Because the best version of yourself requires sacrifice – as all good things do.

Every day is a struggle towards greatness.

Whether it’s heaving iron in the gym or charging through intense runs you never stop marching that journey of self-empowerment.

Such an endeavour requires zero distractions and all the support.

You need advanced, functional, and comfortable gym wear that matches your appetite for improvement.

In comes LAB360° – a performance-enhancing collection for men and women.

After taking insights from athletes and fitness enthusiasts, we engineered state-of-the-art gym wear with high-performance fabric and genuine sports innovation.

It is an in-depth and diverse collection capable of elevating your varying training routines.

Explore LAB360° below and find out how each piece is designed to amplify your workouts.

Explore LAB360°

The Sports Innovation Of LAB360º


LAB360º is the birthplace of SQUATWOLF innovation.

It’s a high-performance gym-wear collection for men and women designed with state-of-the-art sports innovation and comfortable performance blends.

LAB360º helps you smash the glass ceiling of your fitness goals with its functionality and the aesthetics will make you look just as good while you’re at it.

It’s a diverse collection with combinations for every workout, climate, and objective.

The womenswear line is a girl’s reliable best friend with everyday essentials from Bras, 2-in-1 Tanks, Performance Printed Leggings, and Crop Tees to Joggers, Cropped Hoodies, and Jackets.

For men, the Performance Tees, Jogger Shorts, Running Top, Performance Vest, Tights, Joggers and Hoodie cater for all aspects of the active lifestyle.

This diverse collection includes items made with recycled performance Polyester, so the fabric goes hard during workouts but is easy on the environment.

LAB360º excels in all aspects of the workout space, from intense workouts in the gym, challenging runs to Pilates, calming yoga sessions, and everything in between.

To really hit limitless performance, your movements need to be efficient and unrestricted.

The performance blends we used are lightweight to help you move without feeling weighed down.

Another problem during workouts is sweating which leads to irritating rashes and itches.

So, we integrated the comfortable fabric with aspects like mesh sleeves and panels, quick-dry tech, and moisture-wicking properties.

Even if you sweat vigorously, the fabric will keep your skin cool and dry, giving you a pleasant and chafe-free workout experience.

Now, as you’re on the move, your movements should flow freely.

LAB360º gear works in synchronization with your muscles giving you a free range of motion.

Allowing you to run with freedom or squat harder than before, the fabric will expand at the most challenging point of the movement.

All while having a composed fit that keeps everything in place, so you stay focused on the challenge at hand.

LAB360º is designed for global workouts. The woven/knitted Gilets prevent air from entering at the front while pushing out heat at the back.

For chilly morning runs, the Running Tops have built-in folding cuffs that wrap up hands to keep them cozy.

The Performance Windbreaker is water-resistant while being lightweight, keeping you dry on rainy days, because every day is a day to break boundaries.

We also detailed all the running gear with tonal reflective logos and details to increase your visibility in low-light environments making your runs safer.

LAB360º offers peak climate control, a truly high-performing collection engineered for the ambitious on a mission to conquer fitness goals one after another.

A look behind the creative journey to fuse applied science and future craft


That’s why we took the lead on this ambitious endeavor to provide fitness enthusiasts with the ultimate athletic experience.

The process of creating limitless performance started with taking insights from athletes.

With a commitment to both fit and function, we questioned and analyzed everything from materials, trims, construction, and style.

It was really about understanding the struggles athletes and fitness enthusiasts face in different kinds of workouts.

From comfort, mobility, functionality, fit, feel, to style; every aspect was scrutinized.

Then we got to work.

The drawing board was full of innovation and creativity. Once we imagined the optimal product, it was time to bring it to life.

We used durable and comfortable performance fabric blends that lasted wear and tear.

This is a fabric that doesn’t lose its quality over time nor its comfort.

More importantly, our aim was to use recycled fabric to play a proactive role in helping the environment.

Then came the more exciting part. Using applied science and future craft, we fused the latest sports innovation with our high-performance fabric.

The functionality was perfected with varying athletic fits. Each piece was engineered with an objective and workout in mind.

Now, we had gym wear that would give you limitless performance.

But we weren’t done.

The final touches were to make the collection visually aesthetic.

Using classical sport tones along with fresh styles, we created an appealing athletic look that represents your passion for greatness.

Through insight, innovation, and purpose; LAB360º is here to elevate the human experience.

View The LAB360° Collection

LAB360° | Men

Performance Windbreaker

The X-Factor: Lightweight and water-resistant fabric

A running jacket that performs without adding weight.

The sleek aesthetics are topped with tonal reflective detailing to boost your visibility to safely dash during dusk or dawn.

With secure zipped pockets, your essentials stay in place, eliminating distractions.

So, layer up, stay cozy and always stay ahead of the race.

Performance Top

The X-Factor: Mesh side panel to amplify ventilation

A performance running top engineered with peak climate control.

With built-in hand-coverings at the cuff to keep you warm, layer up and burn through your runs no matter the cold.

Running Gilet

The X-Factor: Knitted rear panel for breathability and mobility

Zip up in a running vest engineered with breathable mesh paneling that prevents the wind from entering at the front while pushing out heat at the back.

Built to give you a free-range of movement, the Performance Running Gilet is designed to help you hit a new personal best with every run.

LAB360º Hoodie

The X-Factor: Engineered with comfortable performance fabric

The LAB360º Hoodie is a versatile hoodie built for enduring comfort.

The versatile hoodie excels functionally but also aces visually being an all-around piece that compliments your favorite bottoms.

Performance Crew Top

The X-Factor: Designed with recycled performance fabric

A functional top designed for freedom of movement.

The LAB360º Performance Top is engineered with breathable fabric that isn’t just good for your workout but also for the environment.

Perfected with a soft rib detail that stretches from the back down to the arms, it’s an all-around functional gym piece that goes hard in the gym.

Recycled Mesh Tee

The X-Factor: Breathable fabric coupled with quick-dry technology

An environmentally friendly workout tee upgraded with insightful innovation to help you ace your workouts.

The fabric goes easy on the skin while allowing your body to breathe, so as the intensity heats up, your body stays cool and on the move.

Oversized Tee

The X-Factor: Soft-to-touch breathable fabric with stay dry technology

The LAB360º Performance Oversized Logo Tee is your go-to gym tee for days when you need an extra boost.

Built with recycled performance fabric, the oversize fit helps further amplify the airflow as you push to new boundaries.

Performance Vest

The X-Factor: Drying technology to help you cool down quickly

Run harder, faster, and longer with the Performance Vest.

Designed with state-of-the-art recycled performance fabric that helps keep you cool and protects the environment.

It’s finished with reflective logos and graphics to boost your visibility for onlookers during the night or early mornings, making your runs safer.

Performance Tight

The X-Factor: Moisture-wicking fabric

Stay composed and confident throughout your workouts with the Performance Running Tight.

A gym must-have, the performance fabric used provides a compressed fit while the elasticated waistband keeps the tights in place making them perfect for high-intensity workouts.

LAB360º Joggers

The X-Factor: Soft-to-touch loopback fabric

The LAB360º Joggers excel in and out of the gym with functionality and aesthetics that make them a versatile must-have.

They are engineered with performance fabric that provides enduring comfort while moving as intensely as you do.

LAB360º Jogger Shorts

The X-Factor: Moisture-wicking properties

Achieve limitless performance with shorts built from durable recycled performance fabric.

The comfortable LAB360º Jogger Shorts offer a composed fit and increased mobility allowing you to move from one endeavour to another with zero distractions.

LAB360° | Women

LAB360º 2-in-1 Tank

The X-Factor: Lightweight mesh draped over an integrated low-impact sports bra

High-intensity workouts demand zero distractions and the LAB360º 2-in-1 Tank moves with you to generate airflow keeping you cool and on the move.

This 2-in-1 tank is optimal for those looking for some coverage without adding heat or weight to their fit.

Printed Leggings

The X-Factor: Seam and elastic free waistband

Power up your workouts with the LAB360º Printed Leggings, engineered with lightweight and breathable fabric to keep you dry and on the go.

The waistband goes easy on your skin without leaving marks or causing irritation.

Colour Block Leggings

The X-Factor: Seam and elastic-free waistband

A pair of performance-enhancing leggings with medium-compression, the LAB360º Colour Block Leggings are made for dedicated individuals seeking to outdo their best.

The waistband provides unparalleled comfort around the hips making them an everyday must-have.

Wrap Bra

The X-Factor: Elasticated underbust

The LAB360º Wrap Bra excels in and out of the gym with functionality and aesthetics that make them your best bet for a flawless workout experience.

The composed fit will have you moving confidently as you conquer your endeavours one by one.

AED 110.00

LAB Shorts

The X-Factor: Engineered with lightweight fabric

The LAB shorts offer the ultimate athletic experience with their enduring comfort and composed fit making workouts easy.

The short inside-leg seam makes it optimal for running, gym, or studio activities.

Crop Jacket

The X-Factor: Ample airflow without the jacket parachuting during runs

Blaze through runs without air resistance holding you back, the LAB360º Crop Jacket is engineered with performance fabric that works as hard as you do.

Equipped with part-rib cuffs and an elasticated hem, every rep and step will be full of confidence.

Running Top

The X-Factor: Mesh side panels for effective ventilation

A running top engineered with breathable material, the LAB360º Running Top offers superior climate control.

The long sleeves have folding cuffs that wrap up hands to counter frosty mornings with cozy vibes.

Crop Hoodie

The X-Factor: Engineered with breathable material

It’s a cropped hoodie that helps layer up for a cool-down after an intense workout.

A classical gym essential, the LAB360º Crop Hoodie provides the ultimate athletic experience.

Performance Gilet

The X-Factor: A woven/knitted hybrid gilet that offers peak climate control

Cruise through runs in the all-weather LAB360º Performance Gilet.

Engineered with breathable performance fabric, the gilet provides a free range of movement to help you dominate all your challenging endeavours.

LAB Joggers

The X-Factor: Engineered with premium performance blends

A pair of lightweight joggers, the Lab Joggers are your best bet for action or recreation.

The fabric goes easy on the skin while the elasticated waist and cuffs give you a composed fit so you can stay focused on your workouts.

Crop Tank

The X-Factor: Engineered with breathable mesh fabric

Experience zero distractions despite the challenge with the LAB360º Crop Tank. Its lightweight fabric helps minimize restrictions during intense movements.

Wrap Top

The X-Factor: Premium mesh and jersey fabric

The LAB360º Wrap Top offers a composed fit with its elasticated waistline making sure everything stays in place as you smash the glass ceilings of your fitness goals.

Crop Tee

The X-Factor: Jersey front and back panels

An everyday essential tee that adds versatility to your workouts, the LAB360º Crop Tee is breathable and lightweight.

The mesh sleeves allow air circulation while keeping your bra straps on the down-low, so you work out unfazed and unbothered.

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