How to Do Jumping Jacks Correctly?

How to Do Jumping Jacks Correctly?

You can start toning your body instantly if you know how to do Jumping Jacks correctly.

Jumping Jacks go way back. One of the first exercises you might have done in your childhood. If you still have been doing them, then you must have a different fitness level.

If not, like most of us, then you should learn how Jumping Jacks work like magic on your fitness. In this article, we would learn everything you need to know about Jumping Jacks.

Jumping Jacks are basic calisthenics workout. Calisthenics are gymnastic exercises for fitness and flexibility.

They work like a compound workout, targeting and activating of the most primary muscles. They are mostly done during warm-ups or tucked in as a part of circuit training.

Jumping Jacks are relatively easy to do. However, consistency is key and you will ripe the benefits if you start doing them regularly.

For instance, doing 50 Jumping Jacks like Kneescoleslaw in a viral internet video.


Step-by-Step Instructions

You can get wrong even the basic workouts. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do Jumping Jacks correctly:

1. Your initial position; stand up straight, your hands on your side, and feet together, and your head kept straight (better to have a mirror in front to check your form and positioning).

2. Make a little jump and put your feet out on the side. Simultaneously, raise your arms from the side, and take them over your head.

3. Return to the initial position, in a reverse motion. Jump and land on your feet together, and bringing back your hands on the side.

This completes one Rep.

How many reps should you do?

It usually depends on your fitness level. For warm-ups, you can do 3 sets & 10 reps.

If you are doing a HIIT or circuit training, it depends on your workout plan.

If you like, do them every day. Start with 3 sets & 10 reps, and increase them by 10% every week.

You will start to activate your muscles and feel energized every day.

Muscles Worked

Jumping Jacks work on almost all your primary muscles. Here are the some of the major ones get activated more than others:

1. Hip Abductors are on your outer thighs from hips to knees, to help you make side strides.

2. Hip Adductors are present in your inner thighs. Jumping Jacks can help you get rid of the flab in between your thighs.

3. Calves are part of lower legs which are being worked with you every jump and landing.

4. The core includes both abs and back, which are crucial for everyday tasks.

5. Shoulders Abductors and Adductors are present around you delts and lats, which work as swing your arms.

If you look at the muscle anatomy, the whole body is engaged in this phenomenal workout. Now imagine working it every day. You will feel stronger, flexible, and rejuvenated.


Most of the workouts target a specific region in the body. Jumping Jacks engage multiple areas and work as a cardiovascular workout.

Here are the 11 benefits of Jumping Jacks and reasons why you should be doing them every day:

1. Healthy Heart

Jumping Jacks are aerobics workout. As you start the doing them, your heart starts pumping faster. It also puts your lungs to more work and prevents you from cardiovascular diseases.

2. Weight Loss

Jumping Jacks aid in weight loss. If you want to burn extra calories, start doing jumping jacks every day.
You can do them anywhere. When you start sweating, consider the workout is at work.

3. Coordination

Jumping Jacks train you to use all your limbs together. Coordination is essential when working out – it helps you develop a better sense of rhythm and balance.

4. Stress-reliever

Any workout releases endorphins and puts you in a better mood. However, jumping jacks works better as your whole body engages in the exercise.

5. Great starter

If you want to warm-up fast, start with jumping jacks. They are the most popular workouts for warm-up. No matter what sport you play, it will work the critical regions of your body.

6. Complete Workout

Refer to the picture above; the muscles worked range from shoulders, arms, back, core, quads, glutes, and calves. A basic yet effective workout can be done at any speed, reps or sets.

7. Flexibility

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, doing jumping jacks regularly will do wonders. The workout targets muscles which are crucial to your daily movements. A week of jumping jack even at low intensity can instantly make you more flexible.

8. Toned muscles

Do you feel your body as loose or sagged? Jumping jacks can help you shred fat and make your body more toned. Try it for a week and feel the difference in your whole body

9. Stamina

Aerobic workout done with consistency will increase your stamina significantly. Jumping Jacks get your heart rate up faster as they work through the whole body.

10. Stronger body

In general, workouts make you stronger. Jumping Jacks will lead you to a stronger body.

11. Anyone can do it

You did it in childhood, and you can do it even you are over 70. The beauty is in the simplicity and adjustable intensity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are jumping jacks good for?

Jumping Jacks are basic calisthenic exercises that are meant to improve fitness and flexibility.

Can jumping jacks help you lose weight?

If you want to burn extra calories, start doing jumping jacks every day. This will help you lose weight

Can jumping jacks cause knee pain?

Jumping jacks work on leg muscles, joints and bones, so it is advised to not do jumping jacks when experiencing knee pains

Does jumping jacks increase height?

There is no scientific evidence that jumping jacks or any other exercise will increase your height. Height is a purely genetic process.

We will try to cover all the workouts in our workout series. Stay tuned!

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