Marian Babinsky


Slovakia, heart of Europe

90 Kg

184 cm

Winners like to see others win..

SPECIALTIES: I am doing a bodybuilding and competing in men’s physique. I have a very athletic background on competitions in many different sports with success

HOBBIES: My hobbies are sports in general. I like to play basketball and swim recently or bike and sometimes calisthenics. I have to stay active. Even clubbing ??

INSPIRATION: Mirror is my biggest motivation ? I wanna be better then person in the mirror. I am trying constantly progress any aspect of my life. Mentally spiritually and physically.

For most I look up to Arnold as a huge example of success. He conquered films politics and sports as multiple champ Mr. Olympia

From athletes most recently I admire Sergi Constance and his legendary lifestyle of fitness superstar.

And last but not least are events where I compete. I think is absolutely crucial to have a deadline – date of competition or photoshoot or weddings or just be ripped for a summer time ???

FAVORITE MEAL:  My favorite meal is definitely muscleCakes which I mastered to the point that I am eating this all year arround even in contest prep.

I have a several variations depends how long time I have before competitions. I am using muscletech supps and cooking with them is such a pleasure ???

EVERYDAY MOTIVATION: My goals. Set a goals and smash hellout of them ! Me personally I write my goals and the papers and put them on the wall and then putting a small stickers with actions what I need to do to get them. Result is everyday action one step closer to that goal ☝?? and step by step you will get whatever you want, in any aspect of life

INSIDE MY GYM BAG:  Haha lol – full of gainz ? but seriously I take a food and supps everywhere with me with jug of water. Constantly I have a platinum BCAA tablets and whey isolate, bananas and protein bars – mission1 then gym accessories as a belts bands wraps and squatWolf swaq to change 3x during my training I just sweat a lot ?

OFF-DAY ACTIVITIES: What is it ?! ? I don’t have a rest day during a prep as I am working as personal trainer, but sometimes I don’t train weights crazy just I will do some light circuit recovery pump or stretching or cardio depends how I feel and how I look.


Marian Babinsky