Said, Lebanon

96 Kg

175 cm

If it was easy then everybody would do it

Bahij Kaddoura was born in Said, Lebanon and has grown up to be an athlete of the top-class participating in competitions like the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. This 5 foot 7, 96kg, behemoth may look like a threat at first, but Bahij has a whole different side when he isn’t competing, posting funny videos on Instagram and Facebook that has gotten him viral on more occasions than one.

Bahij has always been a natural born athlete, being a professional swimmer and rugby player, along with a lot of other sports. It is no surprise that he became the powerhouse that he is today, but Bahij isn’t all about working out and pumping iron, among most of his hobbies, Bahij enjoys art and dancing as well. His inspiration that helps him reach milestone after milestone is to prove a point to the people that doubted him when he was growing up.

Bahij is big on fitness and always carries a bag that has some essentials that are necessary for him,

  • Deodorant – Because there is no excuse for bad odor.
  • Spare Shoes – Because you never know when you might need t. Better safe than sorry.
  • Lifting Belt – You need all the support you can get at the gym.
  • Pre Workout Drink – The most important meal of the day, after breakfast of course.
  • Headphones – Music can be a huge motivator.

Being someone who is a fitness freak, it might be surprising to hear that his favorite meal is burger and ice-cream, and on his off-days, he has chows down on cheat meals and candies, along with spending some quality time with friends and family.

Bahij has a simple motivation to get up every day. “The need to help motivate and inspire the people who follow me as well as the fact that we are only young once and so I push myself to do what I do now knowing I won’t be able to do it in the future”. So in short do what you need to do today. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Bahij is a role model to a lot of youth and apart from his fitness, he is an overall nice guy with a pleasant personality.


Bahij Kaddoura