Said, Lebanon

96 Kg

175 cm

If it was easy then everybody would do it

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born in Said, Lebanon and have grown up  in an athetic background, being into sprots and participated in competitions like the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. I’m 5 foot 7, weigh 96kg, and apart from competing, i post funny videos on Instagram and Facebook because I’ve always loved making people laugh.

Q2. Tell us a bit about your childhood

I’ve always had a liking towards sports and I have pursued swimming and rugby professionally in my younger years. Even though sports were a huge part of my life, I have always enjoyed art and dancing as well. My inspiration growing up has always been to prove a point to the people that doubted me when I was growing up.

Q3. You go to the gym almost every day, what are the essentials that you bring along?

There are a few things that I most definitely need when I go to the gym:

  • Deodorant – Because there is no excuse for bad odor.
  • Spare Shoes – Because you never know when you might need t. Better safe than sorry.
  • Lifting Belt – You need all the support you can get at the gym.
  • Pre Workout Drink – The most important meal of the day, after breakfast of course.
  • Headphones – Music can be a huge motivator.

Q4. We understand that you are big on fitness but there is no way you don’t have cheat days. What do you have on your cheat meals?

As surprising as this may sound, my favorite meal is burger and ice-cream whether I have a cheat day or not. I usually scarf down cheat meals and a lot of candies on my cheat days.

Q5What is your motivation to get up every day?

I have a simple motivation to get up every day. The need to help, motivate and inspire the people who follow me as well as the fact that we are only young once and so I push myself to do what I do now knowing I won’t be able to do it in the future. So, in short, do what you need to do today. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Bahij is a role model to a lot of youth and apart from his fitness, he is an overall nice guy with a pleasant personality.